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 "a simple spar"

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Armbiter of Good Fanfiction
Armbiter of Good Fanfiction

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"a simple spar" Empty
PostSubject: "a simple spar"   "a simple spar" EmptyThu Jun 11, 2009 1:50 pm

The first snark of our dearly departed House.

a simple spar

"a simple spar" chronicles the beginning of the beautiful love affair between Anakin Skywalker and the creepy, misshapen pre-teen action figure from the Clone Wars movie.

It was normal day of his days in the Jedi temple since the clone wars

Everyone was dead, and the place was a smoldering ruin.

for him was really hard because has a padawan is still being trained by
his master, obi wan Kenobi has a secret crush on his own student

If you can make sense of this sentence, please tell me.

“Sorry master, had trouble with my own padawan who seems to be late as well”

Anakin said also looking furious

Being driven to fury by mild inconvenience is the Jedi way!

Out of nowhere, a young togruta girl came rushing towards obi wan and Anakin

Ahsoka outta fucking NOWHERE!

“Sorry masters, I was caught in some trouble with some bullies who were beating a little kid” said the young padawan

well, you’re here now and you both miss the meeting, so I guess you
both have to see the meeting tomorrow, that is if you both make it on
time” said Obi wan

"How dare you make excuses! You should have let him beat that kid to DEATH!", said Obi-Wan.

they practice lightsaber fighting. Ahsoka expresses some trepidation at
having a master swordsman attack her with a blade of pure, hot,
agonizing death.

“Wait hold on, sparring? No way! You’re gonna beat me easily” said Ahsoka

“Well you don’t know that if you don’t try” said Anakin

“Fine, let’s go” said Ahsoka

Or something like trepidation.

Anakin was on his back being strangled by Ahsoka who was on top of him with

A saber to the neck

“I think you went too easy on me” said Ahsoka

“Nah im just getting started” said Anakin as he flipped Ahsoka on her back

So Anakin was on top of her

And so, they practice the traditional Jedi "Missionary" stance.

Anakin unzipped his lightsaber


Anakin’s face came closer to Ahsoka’s face until they both kissed


A kiss like none other, it was a passionate kiss

It was a kiss that is illegal in, like, 48 states.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that, its okay if your gonna hate me” said Anakin

"Remember, I said it was okay to hate. If you testify, you're a dead bitch."

“But wait what if senator Amidala finds out about you” said Ahsoka with a worried face

“Don’t worry she’s been cheating on me ever since we got married” said Anakin

oh ok

The two went to sleep after that conversation; Ahsoka was tugged around Anakin’s arms

The two were in deep sleep awaiting for the next day

then they take a nap in the middle of the floor. Whoever decides to pop
in for a little lightsaber practice is going to be in for a big surprise.
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"a simple spar"
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