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 Need Of A Spark.

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PostSubject: Need Of A Spark.   Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:50 pm

Here is Bonita Prime's newest fanfiction story.

Needless to state, it is godawful. There is no word to describe it, so I will post it here for you all to rip apart.


~"Text"~ <<< Talking in Cybertronian.
//"Text"\\ <<< Talking though their bond (No one can here them if someone is there..)
//~"Text"~\\ Both talking through their bond in Cybertronian...

^^^ this is what the symbols mean in the story...

And she states that this is the unedited version of this story, she wanted people to read it before it got edited. Typical for Bonita to post before getting its edits all done.

Enjoy bleach cleaning your eyes out.

Need Of A Spark Ch1
by *mrsbonitaprime

One cool and peaceful afternoon Optimus was walking down the hall as he was about to pass his quarters, he felt the bond between Causeway and himself so he decided to see how she was doing. He entered the room seeing her fettling with a data pad as he came up to her with a soft smile, ~"Hello, Causeway."~ he said to their in Cybertronian language for they mostly talked to each other that way. Optimus them placed a hand on her mid back gently.

Causeway didn't notice him in till he came up to her feeling his hand on her back softly as she smiled at him ~"Optimus I didn't know you were here."~ she said to him as her mind was else ware, that is why she did not know he had come in. ~"Please don't leave me, stay."~ She said to him for she had a lot on her processors.

He looked at her with caring optics ~"I am here, Causeway. I am always here. I promise you."~ he responded softly to her.

She looked at him ~"I sure hope so Optimus, I can't bare to lose you."~ she said letting out a deep sigh, not sure if she should tell him what was on her mind. Feeling his hand gently caresses over her back soothingly
~"Optimus, promise me you won't ever, I mean ever leave me my spark can't take losing you, and there is something I been wanting to tell you."~ She said turning to face him putting her hands on his chest lowering her gaze to him not sure what he would say or do when she told him what was on her mind.

Optimus wrapped his arms around her, his hands resting on the small of hyer back lightly ~"You can tell me anything you need to tell me, you know that, my precious One."~ He said looking down at her knowing something was troubling her.

Sighs as she looked up at him, ~"Optimus remember last night love, the intimate time we had together."~ she said to him shacking a little while blushing remembering there moments they shared.

He smiled warmly at what she had said and gently tightens the hug, ~"I remember."~ He said to her holding her close.

Causeway looked at him talking his hand in hers as she placed it just under her spark chamber laying his hand on her sparkling chamber... Looking back up at home keeping his hand there.

Optimus looked at her as his smile fades a bit as he looks down at where she placed his hand, a mix of surprise, wonder, and concern washing over his features as the realization hits him ~"Are... are you certain?"~ he asked, his voice barely more than a whisper.

She nods softly, ~"Yes love I found out this morning when I couldn't transform."~ she said letting her hand let go of his.

He slowly sinks to one knee in front of her, bringing both hands to lay over her lower chest, directly over her Sparkling chamber, looking up at her a bit ~"You... you're really carrying... a Sparkling? Our Sparkling?"~ he asked in a hushed voice.

Causeway Look at him with a soft smile, ~"Yes Optimus our sparkling,"~ she said to him tilting her head watching him as he looked so amazed at what he was doing... Never seeing him so happy or amazed before.

Optimus closed his arms around her, pulling her to him as he closed his optics, laying his head against her frame, venting a long, deep sigh ~"Primus, protect our little one."~ he murmured at barely a whisper.

She smiled at him as she placed her hand on the back of his head, "I am sure he will my sweet spark, I'm sure he will" she said moving her other hand softly on his arm stroking it. gently.

He hugged her tightly for a moment, then looks up at her ~"We must be careful and do all we can to ensure the little one has the best chance to survive and grow strong."~ he said, slowly standing, pulling her tightly to him and touching his forehead to hers letting out a soft sigh…

Causeway sighed as he did this to her, ~"I agree love but no one knows but you and I.."~ she said to him holding him tightly, "just think of this a start of our new life at piece love." she finished saying to him.. happy that him and her were starting a new life together. Causeway then let him go, walking off a little looking back at him, ~"Well my sweet mech are you coming.."~ she said to him with a sexy tone but placing her head over her sparkling chamber in reaction.

Optimus tilts head a bit, then steps forward to follow curiously.

She walks out to there balcony looking over the base and the other bots, form what she could see then placing her gaze over to the lake view letting out a soft sigh keeping her hand on her chest below her spark chamber.

He stepped up behind her ~"Are you alright, Causeway?"~ rests a hand on her upper back lightly.

Causeway looked at him ~"Yes just thinking of how things use to be on Cybertron and looking at this planet things sure have changed."~ She said to him moving closer to him wrapping her arms around him still looking out over the base.

Optimus held her close to him ~"Yes, many things have changed for us. But fate has yielded to us a new home and friends to welcome us, now that the war has finally ended. We can finally be at peace."~ he replied to her.

She looked at him as she held on to him, ~"I know my sweet, I am so happy that I have you in my arms, I never thought I would ever be with you again Optimus Prime, I feel as if we were met to be together."~ she said talking her hands form his back to his aft.. giving him a playful grin.

He raised optic ridge ~"Easy, Causeway. Wait until the pod has emerged before you start using up Energon and fluids on something like that. However, I think it is about time for me to offer my part in our Sparkling's development."~ reaches down and opens abdominal plates, interface cable slithering out into his hand and brushes it against her abdominal plates ~"For life support to you and our Sparkling."~ he offered softly, his other arm still around her.

Causeway smiled at him, ~"I know love, but I'm just feeling your fame"~ she said looking down at was he was offering, this connection for there sparkling. She retracted her abdominal plates allowing him access to her interface port and cable. ~"I understand do what you need."~ she said looking back up at him with a smile.

He Gently plugs his interface cable into her port, making the connections and beginning to feed Energon and vital fluids to her systems to replenish what was being pulled from her own chassis to sustain the developing pod. Along with the fluid, he also sent swarms of nanocells to her, for her and the Sparkling she carried, and as he did so, he sent a soothing warm sensation through the neural connections to calm and comfort her as he held her close to him, closing his optics and resting his cheek plate against her head lightly.

Causeway held him close as she felt this happening to her trying not to buckle at her knees as the warming sensation flowed trough out her frame keeping her hands on his lower back for support, she couldn't help but sigh softly as she nuzzled this his cheek in response to his actions. ~"Optimus, your going to make a great father to our sparkling, I hope he grows up like you, a great leader."~ she said moving her right hand to his upper back.

Optimus cradled her close, nuzzling her in return ~"I know he will grow strong, and I hope he has your kindness. He will be a good bot if we teach him well."~ he said a he continues to feed her system the fluids, Energon, and nanocells she desperately needs to replenish her systems as her reserves are taken by the developing Sparkling she carries.

She held him close, closing her optics letting him take care of his side of being a progenitor to his sparkling to be, ~"Optimus I know he will, Oh my sweet spark I am so happy we can start our life and bring our sparkling in to a new world with out war."~ she said kissing the side of his cheek.

smiled to the affection she gave him, ~"As am I, Causeway. As am I."~ touches his forehead to hers lightly, holding her for the duration of the transfer.

Causeway sighed soft feeling she felt ~"Making sure my love. This is so soothing I can feel our sparkling filled with joy he knows your here.. Optimus I can feel him inside me."~ she said with a worm glow on her face looking at him with a content sigh.

Optimus smiled softly at her and brings his hand to rest it against her chest right over where her Sparkling chamber sits just below her laser core ~"I sense him too, I feel him, within my own Spark. It is the creation bond we share with him because he is spawned from the merging of our two Sparks. We three are truly one, as we all will be one day. At least that is my hope for all of us."~

She looks at him as he told her this, putting her hand on top of his, ~"Same here love, I hope so to and well I sure hope he will lead after we are gone.."~ Causeway shared that moment with him closing her optics feeling piece with him, for a moment then hearing laughter on the base as she opened her optics and looked smiling at Lennox and his daughter spending time together, Optimus look at the humans so happy ~"I know at will be us soon."~ she said chuckling a little.

~"Yes indeed."~ he said smiling at her then looking out at the Major and his young child. The transfer finally complete, he sent a rush of warmth and deep love through the neural connection before letting his interface cable detach and retract again, his abdominal plates closing as he held onto her.

Causeway looked at them then once again down at her interface cables as she felt the sensation when he sent the warming soothing feeling knowing he met it with all his spark filled with more then just affection, but his love for her and there sparkling. not long after he disconnected from her, and her interface cables retracted also behind her abdominal. ~"Primus my sweet spark.."~ she said softly to him in his auto receptors.

He cradled her close to him and gently turns to guide her inside ~"You should rest a while, let your systems adjust to the influx of Energon, fluids, and nanocells. I will rest with you, I promise."~ he told her softly, keeping one arm around her to help steady her.

She held him close as he took her in side. Feeling a but strange as she now had un-acclimated raw materials in her system to process . As she walked over to the berth, she felt her frame wary but stable, feeling a bit worn but not tired. looking up at her spark bonded mate, she took on of his hands as she sat on the berth, ~"I think your right love, I would love for you to remain with me here knowing your safe and I am protected as I rest."~ she said to him gently brushing her cheek on his forehand.

Optimus smiled at her and crawled onto the berth, laying down behind her on his side facing her ~"Lay down, Causeway and just rest."~ he said softly to her, extending one arm for her to rest her head on while his other arm reached for her to wrap around her and gently pull her to him "I will not leave you." his voice was soft, almost a whisper, his own systems deeply drained to replenish hers. He knew they both desperately needed the rest, him to allow his own systems replenish what he had so willingly given her, and Causeway to allow her own systems to process and store the new resources that had filled her depleted systems.

Causeway looked at him as she laid in to the berth lying her head on his arm feeling his right arm folding around her, he was so strong, so tender as he pulled her to him gentle hearing was he said to her as she snuggled his arm feeling content knowing she was protected and safe in his arms. Causeway then started to drift slowly in to recharge and shut her cognitive systems down.

He held her close against him, his arms protectively around her, closed his optics, and vented a soft sigh as he too began to drift into recharge ~"Till all are one, my precious Spark."~ he whispered faintly as he shut down for recharge.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Of A Spark.   Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:12 pm

No, you have to spork it. Don't just post it.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Of A Spark.   Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:37 pm

You should rip it apart, instead of just handing it to us.
If your going to post it at least do a little snarking yourself.

Well, if I get some time, I may have a go at it.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Of A Spark.   Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:57 pm

I really have been out of shape in sporkaging fics.
But I will give it a go when I'm more awake.
Bonita's grammar is shit and her writing skills is rank to say the least.
At least her stories are somewhat readable.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Of A Spark.   Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:35 pm

Here's an idea - don't fucking post when you're half asleep. Here's another idea - read the forum rules and learn how to use quotes. Christ.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Of A Spark.   Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:50 pm

no_name wrote:
I really have been out of shape in sporkaging fics.
Bonita's grammar is shit and her writing skills is rank to say the least.

Dear Pot, please meet Kettle.

Also - please, for the love of Roget, learn a couple of new adjectives! You're really overusing "rank" and "shit".
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Knight of the Bleach

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PostSubject: Re: Need Of A Spark.   Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:37 pm

Yeah, and if you can, invent new ones.



Craptastic - wait, that's not new...

Sure, I can see her work is like sieving through finely tuned shit, but it's you who should be suffering, not me.
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Shitgobbling pissdrinker

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PostSubject: Re: Need Of A Spark.   Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:37 pm

If you aren't gonna spork, don't post here. This site isn't "Fanfiction.net: The Repostening", it's a site where we make fun of bad fanfic. Just the bad fanfic without the fun is a no-no.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Of A Spark.   

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Need Of A Spark.
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