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 Finish "Legolas by Laura"

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Finish "Legolas by Laura" Empty
PostSubject: Finish "Legolas by Laura"   Finish "Legolas by Laura" EmptyThu Jun 11, 2009 2:31 pm

(this challenge is by ZoZo, and it's considered that Mae won the internets.)

Finish "legolas by laura"

"legolas by laura". The badfic that's absolutely impossible to hate. The beautifully crafted prose flows seamlessly towards a finale where it all falls into place. Or not.

Famed for its abrupt ending, "legolas" ends, as you all know, so:

Quote :
Legolas said"I am soo happy"and then Laura said"Do you want to be my boyfriend"and then Legolas said"yes I will be your boyfriend"and then Laura and Legolas kissed again.Laura said"what happened to me Legolas"and then Legolas said"you got kidnaped by the Orcs and they raped you and also bet you almost to death and then the Dark lord gave you some posion"and then Laura said"why I can only move on arm"and then Legolas said"your left arm is broken".Then the door opened and it was Strider and then Laura said"Hello Strider"and then Strider said"I see you are awake"and then Laura

Over in the (second) "legolas" thread, Keith Fraser offered the following insight:

Keith Fraser wrote:
wrote:This really should have occurred to me when I first saw this fic many years ago, but that cliffhanger ending leaves things tantalizingly open for silly suggestions. "And then Laura..." what? Woke up in her bed on Earth feeling distinctly icky? Exploded? Revealed her true form as Melkor?

And thus I issue the challenge:
In 200 words or fewer, finish "legolas"

Entries are due... whenever. The best entry will win The Internet. Runners-up will win the respect of their fellow Housemates. Go! Go! Go!

And Mae Bedlam's amazing win of the internets:

Mae Bedlam wrote:
[and then Laura] said "yes I am but my arm got broked and I want to defete the dark lord and make middle rth better" and then Gandalf said "no my child you are to week" and laura gto angry and looked at Gandalf and crossd her arm. Then Gandalf gaver her some magic medasin and said "drink this" and then Laura said "I feel tired" and she went to sleep and then she sleeped for two hole weeks.

Two weaks later: Strider and Legolas and the hobbit's sneaked into Mondor to difeet the Dark Lord and distory the Ring and then they herd a noice and Frodo said "What was that" and then Laura said "Oopos!!!" and Strider was very made and he said "Laura your still hurtd" and then Laura said "No I got bettr that medasin relly did the trick" and then she helped them storm the back of the castle to difeat the Dark Lord and Laura stabed the dark Lord in the back and then he said "OH NO" and then he exploded and died and the the ring flammed up and then disaperred and then peace came to middle earth and everyone chered and Strider was crowd kind of middle earth and then Laura and Legoalas got married in a park with flowers and roses and as Legolas put a daimond ring on lauras finger Strider gave them his beless and peace and happines came for ever more.

PM me with the custom user tag you desire, Mae, as I do that for every challenge winner. If you want to of course.
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Finish "Legolas by Laura"
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