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 Bowser's Fanart Adventure

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PostSubject: Bowser's Fanart Adventure   Bowser's Fanart Adventure EmptyThu Jun 11, 2009 2:15 pm

(This challenge is by Mae Bedlam, I just rescued it. )

I will post what happened in the thread up until the place went kablooey. As well as the other challenges.

Dear pesky plumbers:

After obsessing over "Bowser's Mexico Adventure" far more than is probably healthy for any right-thinking person, I've started thinking about how smashing it would be to start the summer off with another fanart challenge. So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick a scene from either one of two Mario fanfics and illustrate it.

The Subjects:

Not A Monster: A touching romance that Harley recommended as an antidote way back on GAFF, which started an amusing wank and an even more amusing sporking. Peach is once again captured by Bowser, but she sees his tender side emerge when they discover that his only son has caught the deadly Koopa Pox disease, complete with cold fevers and Koopa cell phones.

Bowser's Mexico Adventure: A much more lighthearted tale that details Bowser's magical trip to Mexico in a narrative structure that can best be described as avant-garde. Features an all-star cast including (but certainly not limited to) the Koopa Kids, the MST3k crew, some villains from Star Wars and the Aladdin cartoon, and Bear Grylls.

So: Read the fics. Pick your favorite part in either one. Draw a picture of it. And make it funny, dammit.

The Rules

1.) Post your entry in this thread by Saturday, July 12th.

2.) Make your own artwork; don't trace or Photoshop pre-existing images. It doesn't have to be a Rembrandt, and it doesn't matter if you use pencils, markers, fingerpaints, or MS paint: just use your own work.

3.) Multiple entries are fine, but I'd like to keep the limit at one scene per fic.

4.) When the deadline's up, I'll start a poll to determine the winners. I'll hopefully decide on prizes by then; it'll likely involve a drawing request or something to put in your signature/renew at TGI Friday's.

5.) Keep it funny. And seriously, have fun with this.

6.) There is no Rule 6.

Bowser's Mexico Adventure wrote:
Mario: Okay, guys, make sure you keep your fanny packs in the front this time.
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Bowser's Fanart Adventure
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