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 Movie Trailer Antidotes

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PostSubject: Movie Trailer Antidotes   Movie Trailer Antidotes EmptyWed Apr 09, 2014 4:39 pm

I've already gone into my distaste for the Annie 2014 trailer on the Movie forum. But here are a couple of trailers for upcoming movies that evoke very different feelings in me.

Please look after this bear. Thank you.

The creative team behind this has good credentials, as do the actors who have been cast. (Do you notice Peter Capaldi's name? Our upcoming Doctor is going to be playing grouchy neighbor Mr. Curry. I can SO see him in the role, even though I originally thought it would be a good one for John Cleese or Hugh Laurie. Now if they can keep him from going full Malcolm Tucker on Paddington...)

More to the point, Michael Bond has given his seal of approval to the script and has even filmed a cameo appearance. As with Mary Poppins, they needed some kind of linking storyline to tie together a very episodic bunch of adventures, and to give the film a storyline and a conflict beyond "Paddington tries to do something and messes it up". So they're having Paddington, after settling in with the Browns, trying to locate the British explorer who inspired his Aunt Lucy years ago and sparked her interest in England, while a museum curator and taxidermist (Nicole Kidman) seeks to add Paddington to her collection.

What puzzles me is how some commentators--on the YouTube thread and elsewhere--are griping, "No! Why are they going to ruin one of my childhood favorites?" when absolutely NOTHING in the trailer indicates any disrespect for the original. Hell, I remember an online article that came out before a single actor was cast or a single frame of film was shot, saying that Paddington was being "sold out" and that it was going to be awful. I know negativity is the in thing these days, but seriously?

Here's the other trailer that I really liked. This one won't be out until 2015, but just the same...

Good grief!

Many people were wary of the fact that they were doing this in CGI, but most of them were won over by the art style of this trailer. If they had to do a CGI Peanuts, this was the best way they could have done it. (It took me a few viewings to register the motion lines. Very strip-like!)

Charles Schulz's son and grandson are closely involved with the project--I believe the grandson is one of the screenplay writers. They have promised a timeless feel to the movie--no rapping or twerking, as they put it.

So there's two promising family films ahead!
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Movie Trailer Antidotes
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