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 Bubbles and gamzee? By della-dolll

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Bubbles and gamzee? By della-dolll Empty
PostSubject: Bubbles and gamzee? By della-dolll   Bubbles and gamzee? By della-dolll EmptyMon Jan 21, 2013 11:29 am

Bubbles and gamzee? By della-dolll

I have another odd Homestuck crossover made for the purposes of shipping two random characters together for no real reason. Like the last one, it is short and makes no effort to be believable or even fully coherent.

Quick guide for people who are unfamiliar with one or both fandoms involved:

Bubbles: 6-year-old with an excessively naïve personality and “bubbly” nature (and super powers).
Gamzee: 13-year-old juggalo who spends half his time high off his ass and another quarter being an insane, classist murderer.

Tru luv, clearly.

The amazing thing about this fic is it does not even bother glossing over the murder thing. It starts right out with:
Quote :
Bubbles and her sisters had gotten news from the Mayor that there were some unusually noisy going on at midnight. At first it wasn't a big deal until people were ending up in hospitals either in a coma or dead or just barely made it alive.
Yeah ok let the kindergarteners deal with the serial killer that sounds like a plan.

Srsly, I know they have super powers but none of their villains have ever actually killed anyone before, the super casual way they are handling this is just plain silly.

Quote :
Blossom didn't like the idea of a killer running around.
Oh really?

Anyway, the three sisters split up to search for the violent criminal on their own. As you do. Bubbles is scared because, no shit. She runs into Gamzee, instantly recognizing him as the killer without any real explanation as to how. Racial profiling, probably.

Quote :
"What are you?" She asked him again?

He chuckled deeply "A motherfuckin' troll…honk."
At this point we have both our romantic leads together, with only that pesky serial murder thing to get in their way on the fast track to smoochy town. So how do we get around that thorny little problem?

Quote :
"Those fuckers were like fucking trying to fucking jump my ass 'n shit, but I got them good so no need to worry chicka."

Bubbles thought that wasn't actually a bad thing he was doing, he was just trying to defend himself that's all.
Self-defense. Yes of course it was self-defense; Townsville is a rough place, you just cannot go out to the corner store without being jumped by all manner of thugs and ruffians and shady sorts.

Gamzee asks Bubbles what her name is. She is shocked that he has no idea who she is, what with the superheroing and all that. She implies that he should know, so he asks if she is a stripper. ~Romance~

Quote :
She blushed were anger and felt a little ashamed of her name for a bit. A stripper! Is that what everyone thinks of her when they hear her name! Does she look like one?!
God I hope not.

She explains that she is a superhero, and shows off her powers for a bit. Then we get to the real meat of the story.

Quote :
“I kinda got crashed around here or sum shit and yeh know well uhh that's really basically all. I'm lost got no home..or my pies." He looked sadly down.

There was a another reason why Bubbles didn't want to find the killer, because she knew if he had a sad story like this one did she would feel like a total bitch for taking him to jail or leaving him.
Which is why you always send children after violent criminals. It just makes sense!

Obviously the only way to go from here is for Bubble to “sneak (Gamzee)* into her house”.
*parenthesis are standing for square brackets here because lol forums
Quote :
As long as her family doesn't know she'll live life great.
Uh-oh, sounds like a set up for ~wacky~ shenanigans!

But this is the only chapter so there are no wacky shenanigans. Only awkward, gross crossover UST.
Quote :
Bubbles was blushing mad she wanted her distance away from him, she didn't like the sound of his voice, it was all husky at the moment he said 'love to stay with you'.

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Bubbles and gamzee? By della-dolll
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