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 Ghost Adventures for the lolz

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PostSubject: Ghost Adventures for the lolz   Ghost Adventures for the lolz EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 11:43 am

At first I thought this show was awful, but that is totally not true. If you're not sober, or you have an incredibly odd sense of humor this show can be one of the most hilarious things ever.

And no, it can't be Ghost Hunters, the guy from Ghost Adventures is more unintentionally funny than TAPS could ever be.

I mean, once you realize that what you're watching is a total hoser with an awful gel-job and maybe a scalp problem sitting in an abandoned building and talking to himself, working himself into a pants-shitting frenzy by doing so, you realize that he could just be one of the most entertaining men on telivision.

I just got to watch him shine a flashlight at a wall and yell at it, "YOU DON'T LIKE ME SHINING THIS LIGHT IN YOUR EYES, DO YOU MR. BOOTS!?!??!"

The entire show is one long "Old Man Yells at Cloud", only in a more literal sense.
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Ghost Adventures for the lolz
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