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 Maybe It Was the Moon/Flesh Of His Flesh

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Maybe It Was the Moon/Flesh Of His Flesh Empty
PostSubject: Maybe It Was the Moon/Flesh Of His Flesh   Maybe It Was the Moon/Flesh Of His Flesh EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 11:20 am

There was a Inuyasha mpreg story that's come up here before and there was also a one shot prequel about how Inyuasha got pregnant. I'm posting about that one first since it's chronologically first and I confuse myself talking about it last.
Maybe It Was the Moon
I should probably mention it's incestuous, but I'm so jaded that I figure that goes without saying. I want to tear it apart since it's short, but I just can't because there's this one line part always cracks me up and eclipses everything.

Quote :
Sesshomaru grinned as his finger pressed into Inuyasha. “This is mine,” he said, pressing deep against the sweet spot within him.
Maybe It Was the Moon/Flesh Of His Flesh 831506
Yup. That's really all there is to say.

So, on to the main event.
Flesh Of His Flesh

Miroku delivers the baby by cutting into Inuyasha in the middle of nowhere and everyone is weirdly calm about it.
Quote :
Blood soaked the leaf-littered ground as the monk reached his hand into Inuyasha's stomach and slowly drew out a small pink bundle.
Sounds totally unhygenic, and no one seems concerned. They're just too busy awwing over the kyute little babby

Quote :
"He is very beautiful," Sango whispered as she reached out to touch a small waving foot.

"I know."

Then it's on to more pressing issues like breastfeeding the baby. Yes, Inuyasha breastfeeds somehow. Well, at least he's not breastfeeding a robot. He named the baby "Kuniku," which means "dog flesh."

Quote :
Sango leaned forward worriedly. "What's wrong?"

"Kuniku bit me." He winced.
Maybe It Was the Moon/Flesh Of His Flesh JmF64

Quote :
Inuyasha grumbled at the reference
Aw. I'm sorry. Really I am.

Quote :
[Kagome]looked at the baby and couldn't help but smile more. He was so small and precious. It was amazing. Men weren't supposed to have babies. At least, they didn't where she was from. But then again, there weren't demons running rampant in her time either. She had only been mildly surprised when it happened, having become used to strange things happening. To tell the truth, what amazed her the most was how right it seemed.
Oh God. Does this baby have some kind of mind warping powers? That would be kind of awesome, actually.

They run into Sesshomaru who's all to happy to let Inuyasha and pals stay at his castle. We're introduced to the story's weird characterization of Rin in which she's "recovering from the trauma of her childhood" and is "semi-mute." This means we get passages like
Quote :
"Yasha clean now." She pointed to Inuyasha, who blinked.

"Hey! Are you saying I smell?" Inuyasha stared at her.

"Yasha stinky!" Rin laughed as she held her nose.
Rin annoying! Quijotesca smash!

Quote :
"I can't believer you just changed a diaper," Inuyasha said.

"Diaper!" Rin sang, jumping on the bed.
Incidentally, that passage is why I had to dig up the story. It's just so hilariously awful. What do Rin's outbursts add to anything?

Wait...what do my outbursts add to anything? I guess I'll shut up after a word from our sponsor, the robe monk.
Quote :
"Here are towels and a robe monk. I can see that you are dying to test the waters." Sesshomaru handed the stack of towels to Miroku.
Fuck yeah robe monk!

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Maybe It Was the Moon/Flesh Of His Flesh
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