Why God, Why?
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Why God, Why?

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 The Sub-Forum For Better Desecration

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Knight of the Bleach
Harley Quinn hyenaholic

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The Sub-Forum For Better Desecration Empty
PostSubject: The Sub-Forum For Better Desecration   The Sub-Forum For Better Desecration EmptyFri Jun 12, 2009 5:50 pm

This forum was my idea - and I should only tell visitors what it's for. Being so FUCKING AMAZING and all- OW! That hurt!

Here you can ask stupid questions. Questions about the capital of Hungary (Budapest), the date a game was set, or how long the average male penis is (6, 7 inches when erect). Just about anything, because accuracy is of course, important for fanfiction, and there's bound to be SOMEBODY here who knows the answers to your question.

After all, though we search on the Internet, and there's a site for every bloody thing now, we can't ALWAYS find what we're looking for. So, we need help. And you've seen how we bitch at people for getting things wrong when we know the answers, what with being better than them.

So end the bitching! Also, contribute! Also, find out in how many different ways people can be ignorant! It always feels good to know more than somebody else. And it's also a relief to know you didn't fuck up because of this board. With a spare function like this, we'll surely get more admiring fans than ever!
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The Sub-Forum For Better Desecration
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