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 Bonegate 2015

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Knight of the Bleach
Knight of the Bleach

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PostSubject: Bonegate 2015   Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:39 pm

long time no see wugwuh. This tale's a bit old but goddamn if it ain't the brand of pretentious, bizarro obscure internet drama we used to specialize in back in the day...

I mean, one of the mods of the place this went down in is a honkey that unironically refers to themselves as a 'gender terrorist' while simultaneously complaining that white people ruin everything (while sporting some class A white people dreads to boot!).

... yeah thats the level of fuckery we're talking...


Look, I don't care about neo-paganism, wiccanism or other forms of woo. I'm also an adult that grew up with "The Craft", "Hocus Pocus", and My Chemical Romance and I'm a huge nerd so of course I'm into kvlt shit and play with tarot and talk about gods and ghosts and shit. My middle name is "Lyra" for fucksake. I got a handful of friends that take their practice more seriously and they seem a lot more level and grounded than I am and I respect that. I understand the cultural significance of Vodou and Santeria and their history of incorporating human remains in their practice.

and then you have fucks like Ender Darling

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Because while there are ways for practitioners of certain forms of paganism to humanely get themselves some human bones, Ender Darling decided to just be some hipster asshole robbing graves

Even if you're one of those people skeptical of the notion that law dictates morality ya gotta admit digging up someone else's grandpa might just be breaking some kind of social contract...

Did I mention when this blew up on tumblr (bc of course it did) they released a defense of themselves? It's pretty much beautiful in that it paints detailed mental portraits of some white hipster saying they hate white people while smearing more patchoulie on their "fae locs" so they can open their third eye and turn their aura violet or some shit...

enderdarling wrote:
“You fucks wanna threaten me yet don’t actually sit to rationally think about how in ground cemetaries [sic] actually continue to be able to have bodies buried there. I made a quick decision when I watched a few bones tumble from the dirt and into the street. I picked them up and went through the grave yard and picked up ones I saw on my path.”

"It was not stealing and trafficking! I just quickly took things that didn't belong to me while making sure I didn't get caught! Want me to mail you some bones? You only gotta pay for shipping!"

enderdarling wrote:
“Magic is dark. Magic is bloody. Magic is scary. Magic isn’t just fucking white light, fairy dust, bowls of honey on your damn alter.”

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

my fave is that they actually said their critics are just being racist. I mean I'm pretty sure a lightskinned latine stealing bones from a potter's field (in new orleans historically burial grounds for black people) while practicing a faith from an African culture that is not their own knows a lot about that but y'know whatever...
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Knight of the Bleach
Knight of the Bleach

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PostSubject: Re: Bonegate 2015   Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:26 pm

Quoth the raven: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Shocked
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Bonegate 2015
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