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 Warm Ups

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PostSubject: Warm Ups   Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:44 pm

I've been doing a number of writing prompts to get a lock on my characters and as a sort of warm-up.

Share your favorite prompts!

Your character must deal with a flat tire. Has it happened on the way to work? Are they going to be late for something important? Will they ruin their brand new pants?

Write about a character experiencing a very strong emotion. Do not name that emotion. Describe only the physical reactions.

Write about your character's dream lover when they were teenagers. How does that person differ from their actual lover (if any!)? How do they feel now about the things they wanted in a lover then?

Your character has been physically injured by another person. How did this happen? How badly are they injured? Was this on purpose, or an accident, or a bit of both? This can be as benign as a paper cut or as terrible as a gunshot. Focus on the mental reactions of your character, and the physical reactions of the other person.

Your character has a disgusting habit. What is it? How do they feel about it? Does anyone know they do it? If so, how do they react. If not, how does your character feel they might react? This could be picking their nose. It could be all night make-out sessions with a pillow dressed as a loli.

Everyone does or thinks something weird. What about your character? Do they silently believe that there are fairies living in the forest? Do they like to act out scenes from movies in front of a mirror?

Does your character have a theme song? What is it? Is the theme song they would pick for themselves the same as the one you would pick for them? If not, why? What is it about that song that calls to them?

Your character is in the store when they hear gunshots, followed by screams outside. What do the do? Do they hug the floor? Do they run (or low crawl) toward the shots? Do they go the other way?

Your character is on a public street when a small child runs up to them, crying for help. Do they help them? Ignore them? Take them home and bake them into a pie, or perhaps devour them right on the street?

What is, or was, your character’s favorite article of clothing? Why? Did it look nice on them? Sentimental value? What did other’s think of this piece of clothing, if anything? Do they still have it, or has it been lost or destroyed?
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Warm Ups
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