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 Slave to Hunger

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PostSubject: Slave to Hunger   Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:57 pm

There are many archives for smut, as I'm sure you hardened trekkers of the internet know from experience. There is great specialization in porn archives, from the lightest of kinks to the most hardcore things imaginable. One of the softer kinks is the admiration of the overweight body.

This kink is greatly understandable. With so many scrawny little waifs being lauded as sex symbols, it's no wonder that many would long for a more shapely subject of their desires. I can understand that. I, personally, think someone who is slightly above their healthy weight range is much more attractive than someone who is far below it, and I am not surprised to find much smut that involves men and women of various body types, many of which aren't quite the status quo.

Dimensions Library is not the place to go for this smut.

Dimensions Library is an archive devoted to the feeder/feedee dynamic. This dynamic involves one character (the feedee) who has little purpose but to glut themselves on the food provided by the other character (the feeder). The feedee tends to be characterized as little as possible beyond their love of food, adoration of their feeder, and need to become fatter.

Most of the stories on Dimensions Library fit into a very simple mold: The feedee starts off rather skinny, and something happens that makes them start to tip the scales, usually moving in with the feeder, or otherwise becoming involved with them. Over time, the feedee gets fatter without even noticing what's happening. Once they reach a ridiculous size, something finally happens to clue them into how big they've become, and they come home crying to the feeder. The feeder assures them that they love their size, and there is a sex scene, with great emphasis applied to the beauty of their fat.

Browsing the library, I found this story arc applied over and over, and found a number of trends in it. The feedee was almost always a woman, and the feeder was almost always a man. At first I assumed that it was because overweight women tend to be more desirable than overweight men, what with the size of the breasts and buttocks being key symbols of female attractiveness, but rather undesirable in males. After reading some of the more impressive stories in the library, however, I came to realize that this was not necessarily the case.

The stories in Dimensions are categorized by the size that the feedee reaches by the end of the story: SWG is the category for only slightly overweight, WG is for rather fat, and XWG is for becoming the kind of massive that you see on the news. I found that in the XWG section, the feedee was dehumanized to an incredible point, becoming little more than a black hole for food to disappear into. And what with the feedee almost always being the woman, unfortunate implications abounded.

I found one story that is so emblematic of this process, that I simply had to spork it.

Quote :

The title has it's own implications.

Quote :
This is the chronicle of my lovely slave wife Eldonia.

How lovely! Instead of bothering with implying that she was a slave by non-existent character development, he just comes out and calls her a "slave wife." Buckle up, folks, because it doesn't get any better.

Quote :
Eldonia was always a fat girl. She told me once how when she reached one-year-old she was around 60 lbs.

Ah, here's another trend in the library. Most stories like to spout out numbers about our feedee, how tall she is, what her measurements are, and of course, how much she weighs. I suppose the idea is that we're supposed to build a to-scale model of her.

And, of course, we must discuss the weight. 60 pounds, for those of you who have forgotten how much you weighed as a child, is roughly the weight of an eight-year old. A healthy one-year-old is closer to a third of that.

Quote :
As she grew she couldn't help how hungry she had gotten. By the time she was 10 years old, she couldn't walk because she weighed 350 lbs.

I'm sure you can all imagine what 350 pounds looks like, although perhaps not on a prepubescent child.

Quote :
By some miracle she was healthy as a well-fed mare. Her heart, all her organs seemed unaffected by the fat growing around her.

Here's another trend in feedees: she almost never suffers real health problems from her weight. She becomes immobile, of course (how else could the feeder keep complete control over his slave?), but she never suffers bed sores, heart disease, hardening of the arteries, or any other such nonsense.

Quote :
She couldn't go to high school because she was bedridden too long, and, besides, 770 lbs doesn't go well with mobility.

Great, I just finished the last layer of polish on my last to-scale Eldonia model, now I have to make an even bigger one?

Quote :
I met Eldonia on the Internet via a dating website. I was awestruck by her massiveness.

She would send me pictures of herself lying in bed, always having a burger half eaten in her hand, or a half filled box of donuts lying on her gut. I had to meet her; after some convincing she gave me her address and I drove out to her place.

No information on their online courtship. That might force us to see Eldonia as a person, not as a glorified lump of blubber.

Quote :
It was a rather small place for such a large woman. I arrived with three pizzas and three boxes of 24 donuts each. She drooled on herself the moment I walked into her room with the food.

Demeaning descriptions: check. Of course she drools at the very sight of food, you know she couldn't possibly show any kind of self-restraint when yummies are involved.

Quote :
She wasted no time in digging in. Of course, the caretaker from a local nursing home was rather disgusted on how I encouraged her to eat it and quit that day.

Why the hell would a caretaker quit just because she saw her charge eating a lot? We know she ate a lot before, so why hasn't he quit already? Of course, the author just has to provide an explanation for why no one can take care of Eldonia except for him.

Quote :
Eldonia didn't care; she was being herself and with someone who helped her realize that people are out there that liked that sort of thing.

Look, I understand that she's being herself; no one should try to reach a certain weight just because someone else wants them to reach it. However, doesn't she ever wish she could, you know, MOVE? Doesn't she ever want to go outside, or walk around her house, or do anything other than eat? Surely she can't be perfectly content with her life as a huge woman, even if she does love her body.

Apparently she can be perfectly content, and don't call me Shirley.

Quote :
Over the course of three months, our occasional meetings became full fledged dates; of course, our dates consisted of me ordering her tons of food...and her gorging herself 'til she couldn't eat any more. If there was any left, I encouraged her to eat the rest and promised her ice cream after she woke from her nap. My lovely Eldonia gained weight marvelously over that period of time.

Again, no character development here. Did they ever talk about things other than food on their dates? Did they bond over something other than her fatness? Was Eldonia just so lonely that she was willing to put up with a companion who never bothered to connect to her on an emotional level?

Quote :
She went from a 770 lb titan to an 890 lb blob of fat.

He called her a blob of fat. It's as if he's lampshading the fact that she'll never have any personality traits beyond her fatness.

Quote :
One day she called me up, crying hysterically. She said her Disability was going to be cut off and she was going to be evicted soon. I invited her to stay with me. My house was very large for one person and I told her it would be nice to have someone live with me.

Insight into how frightening it is to have your only meager source of income suddenly taken away, and to have to face the cold reality that you have no job and no profitable skills? NOPE. She can just come live with her feeder, that way she can gain weight faster!

Quote :
She was so excited that to celebrate she spent her entire disability check on take-out food and asked me to come over and watch her glut herself.

So this is what people against disability payment think of when they imagine the disabled.

Quote :
Arriving too late, I saw she had finished most of the food. She said she couldn't wait for me.


Quote :
It was ok; I made sure she ate what was left. By then Eldonia had gone into a food-induced drugged like state. She started to kiss me on my hand then pulled me closer and she kissed my lips.


Quote :
Her lips tasted that of pizza and Chinese food. I licked her lips and rubbed her belly. She moaned softly and managed to wiggle out of her muumuu before utterly collapsing on the bed...unable to move any more. That full belly gurgled in complaint when she tried to move again. I quickly told her to lie still and that I would tend to her needs.

Fap "Women can't do anything for themselves, lol. They just lay back and think of England while their man does all the work." Fap

Quote :
I smiled and kissed her belly all the way down and ventured my head into the void of fat between her legs...pushing rolls of fat out of the way and fully reaching her pussy folds, which had grown a few more folds during her weight gain. I pushed forward and slid my touch between her folds and began to lap at her opening. She groaned softly and burped, moaning afterwards as I dove my tongue into her deeper.

This is the most unerotic description of oral sex I've seen yet.

Quote :
After getting her warmed up, I slid my fingers into her pussy and rapidly started to piston my fingers into her folds. As I did so I named types of foods and spoke of how I was gonna stuff her belly 'til she could no longer see over her gut. It didn't take long for her to start cumming. My words had sent her over the pleasure threshold. Her belly jiggled violently as she shook with orgasm.

As I licked up her cum, she whispered to me to come to her and let her please me now. I removed my pants quickly and straddled her gut and placed my cock in front of her face. She leaned forward and started to suckle me quickly and hungrily. That is when it hit me.

"This was incredibly demeaning, not only to Eldonia herself, but to women and fat people in general."

Quote :
Watching her suckle me like a pig fattening itself on special fattening liquids got me so excited I came in her mouth. She swallowed all of it. Not a drop was missed. Just the thought of her growing fat on my cum, made me cum again. Finally, now totally spent, I slumped beside her and kissed her neck, falling asleep.

Yeah, you're not likely to get fat on cum. I looked it up, and the average ejaculation has only about 15 calories, and it's pure protein. So technically, it's a very healthy snack.

Quote :
My big idea didn't take shape for at least another three months; by this time I was financially secured thanks to a promotion and having sold my stocks at the right time.

After the nurse I hired finished giving her a bath I wheeled in my big idea. She looked at it confused. “Hun...what is that thing for?” she said as she sent the nurse out.

I simply shrugged, “Just a little tool I modified...it's used to feed pigs and other animals 'til they are fattened up. Now you just nap while I make you your dinner.”

WOW. He is really treating her like she is nothing more than a pig. He is literally feeding her just like one.

Quote :
As trusting as she is, she nodded and quickly fell asleep.

Fap "Man, it's a shame so few women are as blindly trusting as Eldonia nowadays. Everyone knows that they aren't clever enough to come to conclusions themselves." Fap

Quote :
Lucky for me she was a heavy sleeper...she didn't even notice that I had hooked up a tube to her mouth and had already begun feeding her. It was about three and half hours into the feeding she had woken up to see the tube in her mouth...

And now he is effectively raping her. She didn't ask to be fed. He just took it upon himself to shove food into her mouth.

Quote :
...she couldn't say anything because she had no choice but to swallow the liquid gain drink mix with high concentrations of lard and chocolate milk. If she didn't swallow there was no other place for it to go. She gave me the “What the hell are you doing?” look.

And now she seems to be implying that she doesn't want to do this.

Quote :
I just smiled and kissed her belly and said, “Time for my little lovely pig to step out of the minor leagues.”

And now he's finally come out and called her a pig to her face. I bet she loved that.

Quote :
A year has passed, and Eldonia has lost all mobility...except for her fingers...and slight head movements. She's gained an average of 5 pounds a day and has glutted herself up to 2783 lbs...

I stay at home and work now and that gives me more time to devote to her. She rarely stays awake for more than hour at time. She occasionally opens her eyes to see what is going on and to watch a little tv before dozing off again. Whenever she has to be taken off the tube she just gurgles out a belch and a moan and occasionally manages a few words.

And here's the fantasy. Having a woman with literally no ability or purpose other than being fucked and fed.

What's that you say? At this weight she couldn't possibly be fucked? Oh, you just wait and see.

Quote :
Though physically impossible I have found a way to get her off and me off at the same time. When she is hoisted out of the bed by indoor cranes to change the sheets I put down an electric stimulating mat and before she is put down I put several pads connected to the mat to her folds. The currents stimulate her to orgasm.

Just because he can't reach your vagina anymore doesn't mean he can't make you orgasm!

Quote :
As I came in one day to check on her...she opened her eyes and looked at me...then smiled lightly and pressed a button that was on the control stick near her hand. A red light came on nearby which meant sex.

Why stop eating to tell your boyfriend you need sex? Just turn on a little red light!

I suppose she has her own "red light district" by now.

Quote :
I quickly grabbed some lotion and the stimulating pad's remote control and oiled up my cock, mounting a roll of fat and began pumping up the mats power. She moaned as I thrusted myself into her fat and the pad's power kept rising...

It didn't take long for her and I to orgasm. I came in her fat, and she cried out as best she could as she orgasmed...then fell asleep in exhaustion.

Hey, the guy's the one who's supposed to do that!

Quote :
The next day while she was asleep I revved up the mat to full power all day just to see what would happen. What I discovered was rather amazing. What would usually take her about four hours to suck down a 40-gallon drum of the weight gain fluid took only an hour to finish. That gave me another big idea.

For the next week I fed her four times the amount than normal, and while she was awake she tried to protest. “But I ::huff:: am gaining so much ::huff:: as it is...why ::huff:: more?” she said as the feeding machine was being calibrated.

And now she is clearly against the idea. Will this opinion be respected? FUCK NO, SHE'S A WOMAN, THEREFORE HAS NO CLUE WHAT'S REALLY BEST FOR HERSELF.

Quote :
I smiled at her. “I think Piggy needs encouragement,” I said and plugged the power source to the mat into the wall and hit full power again. Her eyes rolled back and she started to cum immediately. As she was distracted by the orgasms I injected her with an appetite stimulator designed for large animals, put the tube back into her mouth and put the machine on full power. There, she suckled the food down like the glutton she is.

How does this make her a glutton? You already pointed out that she has no choice but to suck it down. You don't bother to talk to her nowadays, so how do you know she's not in pure agony at this point?

Quote :
Six more months passed, and she skyrocketed passed the two-and-half-ton mark.

Two and a half tons is 5,000 pounds, or three times the size of the heaviest known human being.

Quote :
Her belly draping over the bed and onto the floor covering her legs and feet...her arms almost out to her sides...her breasts 400 lb sacks of flesh lying on the ground...her head held in place by neck, shoulder and back fat... her eyes kept shut by the fat around her eyes...her fingers too fat to move. It's hard to tell if she's awake or asleep anymore. She is in her world now. Even if she were awake right now, she wouldn't care about anything except cumming and eating.

Which is what I like.

And the author reveals himself. He cares nothing for the woman, he just cares about her becoming an object with no purpose but for him to pleasure himself over. This is just about the core of misogyny, and it's making me ill.

Quote :
Once she reaches 6,000 lbs, I plan on getting her pregnant. Then her appetite will grow even more.

He is LITERALLY talking about how he wants to keep her barefoot, pregnant, and in the bedroom. There is NO defense against calling this author sexist. There is no counter-argument to prevent him from looking like a complete tool. And guess what? There's a Part II. And SPOILER ALERT: He does it. I. Can't. FUCKING. WAIT.
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Slave to Hunger
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