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 The Intervention

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PostSubject: The Intervention   Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:55 pm

Another Golden Oldie!


Our story begins in Berlin where Franklin D. Roosevelt is going to walk with Hitler about finding a way so they do not have to go to war. As he waits, Hitler comes in:

Quote :
the door creaks open and a sharply dressed and toned Adolf Hitler enters the room. He is wearing his officer's jacket over top of a long red silk robe.

Say what you will about Hitler, but the man about good taste.

Quote :
"Oh my, good surr. I hopes i iz not interrupting anything sir," the hunky Hitler coes in a very rough English.

So he smooth it out.

Quote :
"Nah you need not worry about dat. " Roosevelt puts down his papers, his rifle not truly at attention.


So Hitler gets down to business and ask FDR that if he really want to advert the war, he's going to have to accept Hitler's offer. FDR is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent war. And what is Hitler's offer?

Quote :
"Well mien sir, makin with tah disrobin."

And Hitler, who suddenly sounds like Jar Jar Binx, starts to disrobe himself and FDR. FDR tells him that since he has polio, that he can't do whatever he wants to get him hard.

Quote :
Hitler silents him with a warm wet kiss on the mouth. His little black mustache tickles as it brushes up against Frank's face.

~Tee hee, that tickles!~

Quote :
"Oh my, you tart! I hope we can rig up a pulley system so i may have some power to engage your ass cheeks in a Battle of my Bulge. "

Not that's something you won't find in your history books.

Quote :
" Ein! You lovely fool! I iz can not hold it any longer! Prepare to be taken by the master race!" And with that Hitler prepared to go down on Polio-stricken Presidet...

To Be Continued

And sadly, our story ends on a cliffhanger.
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The Intervention
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