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 Beta for Transformers fanfic?

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PostSubject: Beta for Transformers fanfic?   Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:28 pm

If not, whatevs. I got through the first 45K words myself.

Reason being is that I spent about a year editing and re-editing the first story about a half dozen times, and I wanna see if maybe I can avoid that with the sequel by having an immediate second opinion instead of waiting for me to grow and mature just enough for my own POV to change so that I can get that second opinion via myself.

Anyways, the story itself is basically my attempt at self-therapy for coming to terms with my own shit, so I'm afraid that in between the good parts it gets a little too confusing or stream-of-consciousness-y. It's sort of a romance between a TF and a human OFC, and the purpose of the story is to try and deconstruct the whole idea of a human being in an ongoing relationship with a giant alien robot that comes from a completely different culture and species. I imagine that it sucks a lot at times, and can be tedious, and requires enormous sacrifices to be made. I'm also dealing with social justice issues and government conspiracies (which is one of the only mindlessly fun parts for me), so it's kind of my fanfic magnum opus. In fact, I don't currently have any plans to write more after this.

So I'm just kind of looking for someone to bounce ideas off of and to tell me if I'm implementing them clearly. I guess PM me if you're interested.
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Beta for Transformers fanfic?
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