Why God, Why?

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PostSubject: Revalations   Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:38 pm


Rebirth is a state of being; fair and right, nobel and innermost.

developement is an art, it is the way by which one remains sane.

Growth is inevitable, youth is everlasting, beauty is a reward.

Love is the fire that burns in the soul, it is everenduring.

The soul is comprised of three parts, spirit, God, and Self.

The truth is the foundation for all virtues, embrace it.

The feeling of being is like a universal harmonized drive in success.

substance is inside the soul, but it's felt throughout the body, the soul is ever-strong.

being the one is the primordial most advanced completion of the soul.

Faith is a very protected and unstable gift of the spirit, it can move mountains.

The mind forms one into their desires when they use the way.

Fighting is like sex, you just do it the best you can, make it look the best you can, and hope for the best results.

Leadership has a limitless nature, it's wise to be awake in it.

fortune is only a sustainer when it's used to found, in charity, and to make revolution.

This body is my temple's eneterance, if you want to see the temple you have to wait in line.

Hearts are good for two things, love and adventure.

Life is only serious when people are dying, this effects the government, society, economy, and everything else.

Prayer consults your higherself first, to gain the will, then the bearer of all gifts, be heard.

passion is like a candle burning over an entire night, it does what it will and in the end, it's still beautiful.

disease and entropy are results of unfortunate loss of authority, if all had authority, the body would always be superior.

words like supreme, superior, major, first class, impeccable, and flawless are just words, but the truth of them is sharp.

Constancy and paitience bring the being into it's ultimate gratitude and greatness, life is sort of touchy.

Eternal life is when all else is gone, and only your pure, core, and loving self is left.

Immortal life is when the soul embodies the body, and person, resulting in an indestructable life.

Heaven is the home of the community, it remains this way so true vision can prevail, and the hearts can become one.

Character bends like a supple tree but in it's frequency it is most powerful of all, therefore it is like water.

Gold, Platinum, and Silver are precious, but what's more precious is the art of making love.

Rightousness is like a fountain of youth, the soul can live forever and eternal on it.

Reality is rarely one with anyone, but to those who it is one with, are the most valuable people in the world.

Time and Space are real and present, but beyond them creation can be seen for it's most godly qualities.

The mind is an organ composed of the spinal nervous system, the brain, and the eyes, it's the greatest trait of humans.

people are the best and that's that, there is no replacement, and there is no equal, people are ever-supreme.

Business is best served with humor, with insight, and with adulthood, it is the snake at the heals ment to be killed.

Patriotism is a man's way to prove his work and be justified in his faith, it's not a rebels last run-in.

greatness comes from hate, those greatest hate pride, arrogance, evil, and the ways of wickedness.

Leadership comes from purpose, when a leader has a purpose, he is unstoppable.

Death is the ship that carries away the bigger ships, it has nothing to do with everyday believers.

True believers are the most adaptive people on the planet, they can forsee their own rights.

Justice is the duty of the way, the way will always find ways to bring swift justice to whom it may concern.

Men have made minds, and this is a hard fact of life, but, the youth are always embarking on newer territories.

God is a man, He is a God, but He is a man, and He has discovered the full truth and remembers it all.

Lust and Desire are the immortal enemies to enlightenment, only cool and sane heads will prevail.

Strength can be measured, but not by power, or might, or ability, but by the code of ethics.

Holiness must be the light in it's proper form, for holiness is the everlasting flame of spirituality.

Oneness is the unspoken of great and ultimate virtue that reveals all other virtues.

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PostSubject: Re: Revalations   Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:53 pm

I can't take "words of wisdom" seriously that have THAT many typos in them. Sorry.
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PostSubject: Re: Revalations   Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:22 am

Are you a fannit or a really lame troll? Because damn, there is some FAIL here.
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PostSubject: Re: Revalations   

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