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 Cheerleader Slaves

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PostSubject: Re: Cheerleader Slaves   Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:58 pm

Now, normally, I wouldn't go back to something to snark it, but seeing as this thread was bumped up and reading this again, it made it want to snark it again so....

Chapter 8: Chad's Saturday to Remember

Our chapter picks up where chapter 6 left off with Chad meeting Chrissy. Chrissy gives Chad a cheerleader's uniform, as well as some jewelry and lipstick:

Quote :
"You know what this color is called, don't you? It's cocksucker red and it is just perfect for a little cocksucking cheerleader like you!"

Chad then thinks about how his life has turn around:

Quote :
Chad's mind was going a hundred miles an hour. Less than a week ago, he was a normal, oversexed jock that had no problem making it with any girl he wanted. Now, he was a sniveling and swishy fag. He dressed during the week like a sissy fashion model and spent the first half of the week seducing the gayest guy in the school and the second half of the week sleeping with him and becoming his own personal bitch. He had sucked cock and been fucked up his ass so much that he lost count of the number of times. Now, he was being ordered by his ex-girlfriend and current Mistress to dress like a bimbo cheerleader in order to get the Arlington basketball team horny for him. He tried hard to resist but his mind was too far gone with the mind control thoughts from Master Bob as well as his own hormones that were totally out of whack. He knew he should not be enjoying these gay encounters but damn it, they were starting to turn him on. He truly was falling in love with Lance Peterson and he loved having Lance fuck him. He didn't understand it but he was beginning to love dressing and acting like a sissy gay guy. The scary thing for him was that he really didn't mind being dressed like a cheerleader now and having his lips encased in cocksucking lipstick. He was even enjoying having his longer hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Reading this gave me flashbacks to the Ice King's backstory from Adventure Time.

So, Chrissy and Chad drive to Arlington to meet up with the Basketball team. Chad tells them that he story for beating them and wants to make up for it by giving them blowjobs and let them fuck him up the ass if they want to.

Quote :
The buys were noticing how his legs were shaved smooth.

I know it's a typo, but buys sound a lot like bis, which is appropriate given how everybody in this universe seems to be bi. The first guy, a black dude name Tony, volunteers first:

Quote :
That was too much for Tony. "I don't normally fuck around with pussy boys like you but if your blow job is as good as you say, let's get on with it!"


"Wow, this white ho really does know how to take care of her man. She obviously really loves black meat. What a great little slut!"

I honestly half expected him to say, "Cracker".

After he finishes blowing Tony, he blows the other guys. At the corner of his eye, he sees Tony still has a hard-on, so he decides to let Tony take him up the butt.

First, he lubes up Tony's dick:

Quote :
Chad let the cock slip from his lips with an apology and turned to Tony. He took Tony's cock into his mouth to get it lubed up with his saliva. He then let Tony's cock go and returned to the original cock that was in his mouth.

Uhhh, I don't think saliva makes a good lubricant.

Quote :
Tony pulled the cheerleader panties down off of Chad's ass. He parted his ass cheeks and positioned his big black cock at the entrance to Chad's asshole. He started to push in and began to fuck him. Each thrust he entered the ass a bit more until finally his entire cock was in the little white sissy's ass.

Chad loved the feeling of being fucked in his ass while he was sucking off this other guy. Wow, he could not believe that he had cocks in both of his holes!

Amazing, isn't it?!

After this gets finished, Chrissy has Chad thank the team for letting him blow them, then thanks Tony for the anal sex, then the two are off. Next stop, the hair salon.

Quote :
Their appointment was with Nancy and she was still finishing up her previous appointment. Christy and Chad sat in the waiting area. Chad kept tugging at his short skirt to try to cover his panties up. The other women in the salon kept looking disdainfully at this sissy dressed up in a girls uniform.

They get with Nancy and she gives Chad a new look!

Quote :
Finally, Nancy told him to open up his eyes and see what they had created for him. Chad opened his eyes and looked in the mirror. Inside he was horrified at what gazed back at him. His formerly straight, dark hair was now a golden blonde color. His hair was styled with curls - it reminded him of the Brady Bunch boys when they all got their hair curled in the 70's. He didn't look like a girl but he looked like a very effeminate boy. No one would ever mistake him for a macho guy with this hair.

After this, they go to a tattoo place.

Quote :
The man looked like a biker type. "You must be the sissy boy that Bob called me about. He gave me a long list of items to do so lets get at it. My name is Snake."

Chad then gets a lot of tattoos:

Quote :
It had a rose with the words 'Sissy Clit' just above Chad's tiny little cock. Chad then was told to remove his top and bra. Over his left nipple was tattooed 'Lance's Sissy Slave' and over the right nipple was 'Lance and Chad - Lover's Forever' in a red heart. Snake told Chad to roll over and proceeded to tattoo 'Lance's Cum Receptacle' on his right ass cheek with an arrow pointing toward his asshole. His left cheek had 'I Love Cock' tattooed with a design of a cock and balls worked in. Just below his neck, Snake tattooed 'Lance Forever' in a pretty design of roses.

Then Chad gets a tongue piercing.

Quote :
Finally, Chad was told to stick out his tongue and Snake pierced his tongue with a ball. Snake could smell all the cum on Chad's breath from the blowjobs that he had done that morning. "You're man will love this tongue ball. It feels so good when you give him a blowjob. Most guys like to have their girlfriends get one but you're the first guy I've given one to."

Quote :
"But one last thing. Bob told me that you would try out that new tongue ball on me as part of the payment."

Here we go, again!

Quote :
However, he sank to his knees and reached up and unzipped Snake's pants. He pulled his dirty cock out of his pants and proceeded to give him a blowjob. Chad could feel the ball in his tongue rubbing over Snake's cock and heard Snake moaning. He was happy that Snake didn't take long to cum and quickly swallowed his slimy juice.

Sounds delicious.

So, after this, Chrissy brings Chad back to his house to get him ready for his date with Chad. And this chapter ends on a downer ending:

Quote :
Chad flew down the stairs and fell into Lance's arms. He tilted his head back and let Lance kiss him deeply. "Oh Lance. I missed you so much today and I love you so much." Chad hated himself for saying these things. On the inside of his mind, he so wanted to be the old Chad - out chasing girls. Instead, he was chasing this guy and trying to make him love him. He just had his body covered with reminders of his love and devotion to Lance. He hated himself. His body was now pierced - only to please Lance. He had to stop this but he could not. As he kissed Lance and let his new tongue ring play over Lance's tongue, he felt defeated. Maybe he really was destined to be a sissy fag. Maybe there was nothing he could do to stop this fate. Inside Chad was ready to cry but on the outside all he could do was hold tightly to Lance and kiss him over and over. He was now permanently bonded to Lance and Lance was now everything to him.
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Cheerleader Slaves
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