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 The Elven Goddess of All Good and Vengeance goes to high school

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PostSubject: The Elven Goddess of All Good and Vengeance goes to high school   Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:27 am

I can't believe this one hasn't been posted here. It has all the characteristics of a trollfic, but a quick glance at the author's profile makes them seem legit. It has over 100 reviews, all of them positive.

So here we go...

Highschool Elveas POV

Quote :
A/N: Hi I'm Amy, and this is my highschool diary. Don't go flaming me because this looks like Endomiel's story, because that's the whole idea. We are writing this fic together, her point of view and mine, I hope you like it. To make it easier to compare the dates I have added them in both Shire Reckoning as the Calendar of Imladris, although in my original diary only the Calendar of Imladris was written down.

Disclaimer: LotR and its characters don't belong to me but to Tolkien and relatives, yaddayadda. but if you are the one that owns Frodo/Legolas/Éomer, contact me!

Summary: The diary of the Goddess of Good during high-school, and what the fellowship had to do with her "growing up". or Endomiel's story in a different perspective.

Here we go with another stuck-up author's note...

Quote :
Day one, the 7th of Halimath, 1384 (Shire Reckoning)

Valanya, the 28th of Yávië (Iavas), 2984 T.A. (Calendar of Imladris)

Dear diary,

First I'll introduce myself. I am Elvealauregaladriel (Elvea for short), and I am the Goddess of all Good and Vengeance. Nobody knows that though, not even my "parents".

My parents are the King and Queen of Laurelindrian (which makes me an elf, at least in this body.), a forest near Valinor in Aman, the Blessed Realm, and I am their only child. Since they are very busy people and they wanted me to have a good education, they decided to send me to a boarding school in Middle-Earth. They told me I would be able to meet "people of my age" in the lands where is death.

Nice name there. The Elvea is just to make sure we know you are an Elf, because we readers have the memory of a goldfish! Rolling Eyes And way to go, stealing Galadriel's name!

Quote :
Like someone that's been around since the beginning of time and before can meet people of her age. Yeah rite. I've been an elf now for 1600 years, which is probably equal to 16 years of a mortal life.

(Note: Elves only grow in the first 16-20 years of their lives, but aren't considered an adult until their 1800th birthday, so they are mature at a very young age but are not accepted as one, so that makes every 100 years for an elf equal to one year of life for a mortal. An 1800 year old elf is thus considered equal to an 18 year old human.)

Or so they say. but my spirit and thoughts have been around much longer, as I said before.

You mean you're 50. Elves do not have to wait THAT long to grow up! Thanks for that handy note there.

Quote :
I am said to be a very special elf, since I am the only elf ever with golden curls (not those very small ones like sheep but a little bigger) and green eyes like the sea. It is also said that there is a little star around my pupils, so I figured that is where my name comes from, although I never really thought about it much.

I've had several proposals of High-elven princes so far, about 25 or something, but my parents tell me it's not yet time to marry. I don't want to either. They all say I look like an angel, because of my hair and such, but I don't want to marry someone just because he thinks I'm pretty, I want to marry because of love.

Keep telling yourself that.

Quote :
Anyway. Today I packed my bags, and this afternoon I will leave for Middle- Earth, and I shall go to the Middle-Earth Boarding School for Interardial Students, or just Imladris High. My parents gave this diary to me for the journey, so I guess I'll just use it then. First have a little nap.

Woke up very late this afternoon only to realize I was supposed to be on my way for at least 4 hours already. Blasted alarmclock doesn't work. I got up and got dressed anyway and rushed downstairs to the throne room of our palace to say bye to mom and dad. It took some tears, it took some hugs, and then I mounted my horse Alka (Quenya for "ray of light") and took off alone.

I'm surprised she even knows the Quenya word for 'ray of light'. If that even is the word.

Quote :
After about thirty minutes I reached Alqualondë, the dwellingplace of the Teleri, and they gave me a boat, and I started my journey over the sea. Because I am already nearly a week late because of some circumstances I'm not going to mention now, I used some magic to make the boat go a little faster. Okay, okay. I made the boat reach the shores of Middle-Earth almost right after I left, so what? I can do that, I'm a goddess =P.

I continued my journey on Alka, and soon I reached a place called the Shire. Why is this place crowded with midgets? They're certainly not elves. ah well, I guess I'll soon learn what they are.


Quote :
Ever on I went, through the Shire, through some forests, through some hills called the Barrow-Downs. you get the point, I just went on and on. It almost felt like I was flying, Alka was at an incredible speed. I stopped my journey when I came to the village of Bree, it was nearly midnight and I needed to have a short rest.

So I went to an inn that is called "the Prancing Pony" and asked for a room of my own. All the men in the inn had strange looks on their faces, haven't they seen an elf before or something? Probably not.

That ain't no horse, it's a Mario-Kart.

Quote :
I went to say goodnight to Alka in the stables, and then I went in to have something to drink. It was ale, ale or ale. No thank you, I prefer miruvor, and that was what I could use right now, being so tired and all.

Anyway, I went up to my room for a three-hour nap. And that is where I am now, writing this in my diary. I'll just get a couple hours of rest and continue my journey, I plan to make it to Imladris before classes start tomorrow. It shouldn't be too hard, it's only five more hours, so when I leave at three I could be there at eight, have a chat and be in class at eight thirty, right? Ah well. *YAWN*

Kisses from Elvea.

E/N(Elvea's note): I'm not sure where this story will lead and/or what will happen, so it could be practically anything, and not just romance, I think. ah well, we'll see. anyways, R&R please.

Way to be self-centred, writing E/N instead of A/N.

This one was a pain to spork...
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Important Person
Important Person

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PostSubject: Re: The Elven Goddess of All Good and Vengeance goes to high school   Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:28 am

Quote :
I'm a goddess =P
Yeah, your use of smilies is really making that convincing.
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PostSubject: Re: The Elven Goddess of All Good and Vengeance goes to high school   Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:33 am

I dunno, the name makes it sound rather trollish.
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PostSubject: Re: The Elven Goddess of All Good and Vengeance goes to high school   

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The Elven Goddess of All Good and Vengeance goes to high school
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