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 Time Cakes

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PostSubject: Time Cakes   Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:11 pm

Well, ladies and gentlemen. I have nothing to say about this awful X-Men fic really except that it's Wade Wilson shipping. Deadpool shipping. Which would be interesting if it was canonical!Deadpool, but it's Origins!Deapool, as portrayed by the (admittedly awesome) Ryan Reynolds. His love interest? A Sue with an unintentionally hilarious nickname and every superpower in the world ever.

Let's get started.

Star in the Night

Quote :
Well this is my first wade wilson/deadpool story so be a little nice and enjoy oh and this takes place alot closer to present day but hey use your imagination Wink!
P.S. i obviously don't own anything except my character...
Chapter 1:How it got started
"Star go down in the basement and grab the last boxes of the Christmas decorations please." Her mother said while putting iceicles on the tree.
"Yeah yeah sure thing." Her daughter said only half hearing her mother because she had her MP3 blasting in her ears.
"Take your time cakes." her father said looking out the window at the car pulling in the drive.
Cakes? Or does he mean actual “time cakes”? Cakes that let you go back in time?

Quote :
"Um o...kay." She knew something was wrong, her father had that look. She kept going anyway.
She hopped down the basement stairs into the back room with the heating tank.
She moved random objects out of her way until she found the boxes. She could hear footsteps upstairs.
"Oh joy five boxes fill to the top with crap that i have to hulk up the steps! Yay me my lfe is just awesome!" She half yelled.
When she was about to pick up the boxes she heard:
BANG! her mother scream then again BANG! her dogs growling and barking then two more Bangs.
You were saying?

Quote :
"No" She whispered horror filling her body.
She ran to the basement door that lead outside. She grabbed her fathers winter coat which had been hanging there for almost two years. She pulled the door open footsteps on the stairs. She ran into the winter night crunching of footsteps behind her...
She didn’t care to find out what had actually happened to her family. For all she knew they could have just dropped some heavy objects, but she just wanted to get the fuck out of there.

Quote :
End of flashback...
"Miss?" A voice called snapping me back into reality.
I looked up at him with my icy blue eyes staring into him.
"This is your stop, $50.00 please." He asked in a shaky voice, he being the cab driver.
"$50.00." He repeated.
Like i'm paying that.

Quote :
I starred into his eyes deeper and sunk into his mind and said "Dumbass i'm paying for nothing remember our deal."
I slipped back out and like a ton of bricks it hit him.
"I'm sorry miss i forgot, here you take $50.00 please, have a goodnight."
He’s paying you for riding in his cab? What service! It’s like Cash Cab, only without the crushing sense of failure!

Quote :
I smiled and took the money from the man. WHAT! i gotta eat too ya know! yes i'm talking to you the reader don't judge me! i'm just a little hungry ok!
Hey, meant no offense, by…um…reading…

Quote :
(Smooth devil isn't she?")
(She sure is Wade now shutup or i'm gonna blow a buttlet into your brain!")
What?! What’s happening? And what the fuck is a “buttlet”?

Quote :
(ZERO! how could you! i thought we were friends!")
(Do you think she has a mirror in her pocket?)
(Because i could see myself in her pants!)

Quote :
(Listen we are here on a mission not for you to try and fail to seduce her!)
(Men this is Stryker do you have the girl yet?)

Quote :
(Sir may i say your voice sounds lovely today did you get laid last night?)

Quote :
(Wade! if it wasn't for that mouth of yours..)
(I'd be the perfect little angel of a killing machine)
(Sorry sir but we didn't get the girl yet but we are in prosuit)
Prosuits sound cool. Can I have one?

Quote :
(Thank you Zero, were is she going)
(Shes headed into an alleyway sir.)
(Alright both you and Wade go get her i will meet you once you have captured her)
(Aye Aye captain!)
(Wade you have serious issues)
Well, yes. But so does the author, so we're cool.

Quote :
Their following me again! Thats the third time this week. Theres one coming up behind me. He has army green pants, red shirt covered by a vest holding two katanas.

Quote :
Hes built pretty good and is what i think you would call a pretty boy.
Which is ironic! Because he turns into…well…himself…well…Deadpool. So…yeah. Himself.

Quote :
I sense one on the roof to my left but the only thing i can make out is his pistols gleaming in the night moon. Ugh great getting shot and/or stabbed are not on my to do list and this is my favorite shirt so nobody better mess it up or there will be hell to pay!

Quote :
"Can i help you two with something because following a girl is no way to get her number!"
"Oh me i'm a mercinary, and my next mission is to explore Uranus."
Did he really just say that?
Yes. And I laughed really hard.
Wade Wilson: Mercenary Explorer of Uranus

Quote :
"Really too bad i've never heard of you and you wanna know something else?"
Um…you may not have heard of them because they haven’t introduced themselves to you yet.

Quote :
"Sure why not? my doctor said its good to learn something new everyday." He said winking at me.
"I'm a mercinary too

Quote :
and you look like a rookie who just shit himself! oh by the way your swords look a little dull there honey!" I said pointing toward them
His mouth drooped then his face turned to anger.
"Nobody touches or makes fun of MY KATANAS!"
“And by katanas, I mean MY BALLS!”


Quote :
He unsheathed both and began charging toward me and i stood there waiting for just the right moment.
When he was literally about a foot away from me i put a force around him with my mind in his mid slice. He was frozen in place but struggling.
Fear the all-powerful Mary-Sue!

Quote :
"Okay you win now put me down." He pleaded and even used puppy eyes. I just rolled my eyes.

Quote :
I felt claws like a mountain lion ripping into my back. I winced at the pain whoever this son of a bitch is he just ripped right to the bone.
Dammit, I just had new bones put in!

Quote :
I'm not that worried though healing factor helps alot unless you want to die then you got a problem.
Helps alot! :D
Oh look. She has a healing factor. Big fucking surprise.

Quote :
Anywho i wipped around and caught the guy by the throat still holding the force on the loud mouth.
…I assume the other guy is Vic, which means at this point the Sue has entered the land of no return, and her ridiculous powers are actually making her a parody of herself.

Quote :
"Nobody and i mean NOBODY! rips my favorite fucking shirt!" I screamed as my nails began growing longer cause of this guys powers and my oh so lovely ability to take them. Isn't my life just awesome!
And look! She has Rogue’s powers too! Lovely.

Quote :
Thats when the pistol guy jumped down off the building and was pionting a gun toward my head. He looked of Asian decent but hey ya never know. He wore a army suit pretty much and had like six pistols.
Did we mention the pistols?

Quote :
"You want to let them go or do i have to shoot?" He asked coldly but had a sick smirk on his face.
Well, in his defense, you are slowly trying to kill two of his teammates.

Quote :
"Look like i'm scared? go ahead shoot see how much i care." i said with a sly little smile
So he did...or so he thought
Deep. Like, Inception deep.

Quote :
I stopped the bullet with my mind
Or…um…Wanted deep…?
Ooh! Or The Matrix deep.

Quote :
and shot in back towards the shooter and stopped it about and inch or two from entering his brain.
Or “plagiarizing scenes from X1 deep”.

Quote :
"Men." i said outloud
Clapping of hands great didn't know i had an audience.
"Very good, Ms. Star i am William Stryker.."
"If your looking for a date get in line bub because so is everyone else." I said rudely but do you think i cared?
And she’s assimilated Logan’s bubbing? Really covering her bases, this woman.

Quote :
"NO! not you too why does everyone find so entriging about that word!"
"Bub, ol Slim Jim always says that damn word if it even is a word!"
i just shook my head and turned my atention back to the Stryker character
Be careful, Stryker. Just wait until she starts snikting!

Quote :
" I am assembling a team, a team with special powers
It…seems like you’ve already assembled the team, bro. They’re standing right in front of you.

Quote :
and i would like you to join." he said completly ignoring the loud guy. He looks so that the word i'm looking for?
Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Quote :
"Why would i join you i have a pretty good gig going here?"
Anybody know where I can find a plot around here?

Quote :
"Well free room and board, money, free to kill without running from cops, and learn more control over your powers."
"Don't froget you get to see my lovely face everyday too!" the anoying loud guy said sweet jesus what the hell is his name!
I want to yell it in rage!

Quote :
"WADE! SHUT UP ALREADY!" Stryker yelled. But hey at least i know his name now.
"Yes sir!" He yelled soluting him like a child.
“Wait. I mean…SIR NO SIR!”

Quote :
"Ms. Star please will you join the team?"
Please oh please oh pretty pretty please? I mean, our lives are totally worthless without you! We're like lumps of semi-mutant goo compared to your awesomeness!

Quote :
"Sure why not oh and why didn' one of you ask me to begin with? would have saved you all a major asskicking."
"Quite your talking kid and let us go!" The cat like man said and i'll have to admit he sent a shiver down my spine.
Poor Victor. I guess that just comes from being a cold-blooded killer.

Quote :
I dropped the bullet from the guys head, literally dropped the Wade character and shoved the cat-dude away which prob. wasn't the best idea since he decided to growl at me.
Which was creepy.

Quote :
"Why the hell did you drop me princess?'
I just gave him a annoyed look and started walking away.
Cos how the hell else are you gonna get down?

Quote :
"Bradly bring the chopper around." Styker said into his headset.
"Star this is the begging of a new life for you." he said to me smileling a fake smile.
"Um... yippy ki yi ya?" i have a really bad feeling about this...
*yippee ki-yay

And if you have a really bad feeling about it, then why join the team in the first place?

Quote :
Well there you have it please review and tell me if i should keep going or if you just wanna say hi.
I just want to hit something, really.
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Hot and Botherer
Hot and Botherer

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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:20 am

Well, I laughed. Good job.

Quote :
Well there you have it please review and tell me if i should keep going or if you just wanna say hi.

Out of those choices, I'd go for "hi". Actually, I'd like to see three pages worth of reviews saying nothing but "hi".
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Shitgobbling pissdrinker

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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:20 pm

Happenstance wrote:

Quote :
"Ms. Star please will you join the team?"
Please oh please oh pretty pretty please? I mean, our lives are totally worthless without you! We're like lumps of semi-mutant goo compared to your awesomeness!
I've seen this line of reasoning. They were all evil dead cannibals.

I don't think that's the effect the author intended.
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Rabid Badger
And This is Why I Need Medication
And This is Why I Need Medication

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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:52 pm

Look, I think Ryan Reynolds is hot too, but I much prefer my Deadpool disfigured and batshit insane. He's just more FUN that way!

Besides which, anyone who ever read the Deadpool/Cable series knows he's in love with the big guy.
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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:25 am

Another chapter in the epic saga of what I'm sure is now everyone's new OTP.

Quote :
Chapter 2: The First Day
The plane ride was hell on earth! Wade would not no, could not shut up! My MP3 couldn't even block out that mans voice. When Victor (the cat man
Breaking news, guys: Christopher Nolan has cancelled his “Dark Knight Rises” film in order to begin a new trilogy…”Victor: Catman.”

Quote :
who looks scary as hell which should say something cause i have seen the craziest people alive. But Victor takes the cake on scary.) told him to shut up or he was going to be gutted he started talking about this one mission where he had to go and find this guy or something i really didn't catch much of it since i was blocking him out.
I thought you said you couldn’t block him out. Is Wade a paradox?
On second thought, don’t answer that.

Quote :
Anyway he had to gut him but instead cut something a little lower down the body and um yeah i think you can guess what that was.
Um. Wouldn’t that create a bit of a problem, seeing how a.) I believe that at this point Wade did not have a healing factor and b.) He fights back when you hit him.

Quote :
But after the hell ride we got to their base if you can call it that. It looked like a prision
Because it is! Oops, did we forget to mention that?

Quote :
only with one of those signs that said welcome home p.s. you may never leave.
Um…yeah. That pretty much sums up the experience of watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Quote :
But do you want to know the real kicker i'm the only girl one the whole team. That's seven guys (not counting Styker) to one one girl. Isn't my life just awesome?
I guess.

Quote :
Around the same time only in Wade's pov...
Man oh man this girl is pretty good lookin. I mean shes not my normal hello Blondie i just noticed you noticing me and i just wanted to give you notice that i noticed you too. No this cookie was going to be very hard to crack. First off she isn't blond, nope shes a brunette with blue streaks going down in her oh so flowy long hair. Shes wearing a black tank top which makes her look fanfriggintastic. She has black boots with some kind of blue design wrapping around. And her pants are camo Capri's with like a hundred pockets. She has very little chestness but i can deal with that because
That was vaguely in-character in the sense that it’s just a bunch of nonsense thoughts strung together purportedly in Wade’s mind.

Quote :
" I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung
Wanna pull up tough
Cuz you notice that butt was stuffed
Deep in the jeans she's wearing
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh, baby I wanna get with ya
And take your picture
My homeboys tried to warn me
But that butt you got
Make Me so horny
Ooh, rump of smooth skin
You say you wanna get in my benz
Well use me use me cuz you aint that average groupy"
“I mentally copy-pasted that from a lyrics website!

…An inaccurate lyrics website!”

Quote :
"Wilson that's enough." Styker yelled in a commanding voice that made him sound like a grinch.
“I don’t understand you kids today and your music…”

Quote :
"Sir yes sir stowing all songs sir!"
Wade Wilson: broken MP3 player in human form.

Quote :
Star was just staring at me in disbelief. I smiled at her and you wanna know what she did? Because it wasn't smile back or an eyebrow raise no she flipped me off and went back to staring at the ground as we walked toward the living room area of our home sweet home in this jail like hotel.
I did not want to know what she did, but now that I do know, I had been right to assume it was something Sueish.

Quote :
To make it even worse Victor the overgrown pussy was snickering.
Pussy as in pussycat, or pussy as in…pussy?

Quote :
'Hey guys do want to know what the word of the day is?"
I thought it was impossible for you to focus on one word at a time if the one word does not involve some sort of fried food.

Quote :
"No Wade nobody wants to and i suggest you don't say it until you learn more about her." Wraith said tipping his hat at me.

Quote :
"Its legs so Star let's say we head to your room and spread the word?"

Quote :
Did i say too much? I'm just wondering since she tried lunging at me than something happened when Jimmy caught her...
I seriously read that sentence as “since she tried humping at me”, and it was 100% more amusing. I’m tired, okay?

Oh, and I guess Logan is here. That’s weird, I figured he’d just wandered off somewhere.

Quote :
Back to Star...
MOTHERF*CKING jackass! Why can't he just keep his mouth shut!

Quote :
"Hey there bub simmer down! Wade is just being Wade annoying and simple minded."
"Well i have no patience or will to deal with him so let me go!"
“I’ve changed my mind! I’m going home!”

Quote :
I hadn't realized i was touching Jimmy's skin and me being distracted made my one of many powers to kick in. I didn't know what Jimmy's power was but i was gonna find out the hard way. Mimicry. Bone began to come out of the space between my knuckles. The skin slivered open slowly and blood trickled down the insides of my hands.

Quote :
It hurt like hell. how can he let these things come out so often as he most likely did?
That’s what she…OH THE HORROR

Quote :
I cried out from the sudden pain. Jimmy in this time had put me down and had the most shocked look on his face. Not that i can blame him but still its not that bad.
And of course, while a normal person (or even a mutant) would be screaming their heads off in fear and pain, the Sue’s reaction is that it’s “not that bad”.

Quote :
I looked at the claws for a minute or two then i couldn't figure out how to put them back.
"Um Jimmy how do you get these things to retract?"
Jiiimmmyyyyy, fiiiiiiix iiiiiiit.

Quote :
He shook his head like someone had hit him." A just kind of flex the muscles around your knuckles and pull back." He continued to stare at me.
…Why do you have my powers and can I have them back please

Quote :
But i did as he said and low and behold they went away.
"Wow now we have two dog like people here WAIT does that mean you and Victor are related now?"
"No Wade
If Wade was talking, could we please get some indication that he was? Or are we just meant to assume Wade talks so much that every line of dialogue is his unless otherwise noted?

Quote :
it means i took his power a little and it will go away unless i stow it which i won't can we get to my room now i need some alone time."
“I need some time to take some deep breaths and recover from that sentence.”

Quote :
In reality i wanted to see if it had a window i can't take this place it smells of blood and hey! since when do i have a sense of smell!
NOPE! Nope, the joke is too easy.

Quote :
Jimmy how many frigging powers do you have?
It’s his…sixth sense.

Quote :
"Ms. Star Wade
I will henceforth refer to Wade Wilson as “Ms. Star Wade.”

Quote :
will show you to your room and the training area and such all are to report back in 5 hours for our next mission." He smiled a fake little smile and walked off with two solders followin.
"Why can't Victor or John or Jimmy show me around!" Man did i just say Victor and why was his name first? Hes gonna think i like him or something. Oh God hes staring at me.
…Wow, what is this, fifth grade? Paranoid much?
For a Sue, you’re…actually, you’re typically insecure.

Quote :
"You really want me to show you around there darlin." He asked fangs barring out the side of his smirk.
"Um..i'll pass...Wade lets go!'
“…On second thought, I’ll take the crazy guy.”
“Well yeah, but which one of us?”

Quote :
I grabbed Wade and drug him down the hallway and heard Victor laughing silently to himself.
“Hahaha! I love my reputation as a creep! It means I never have to do anything!”

Quote :
Wade sped up a bit and was walking right next to me. The hall was never ending metal and bolts that were huge sticking out slightly. The floors were pure white and the lights were long ways glowing off the floor to make it glisten.
"Did you really want Vikki to show you around?" Wade asked out of no where he looked so jealous.
Watch the sparks fly, folks.

Quote :
"Of course not! That guy has serous issues he needs to get worked out. Besides its not like your jealous or anything." I said smiling at him. He smiled lightly then asked something i didn't want to answer.
"Me jealous never especially over that big pussy. Anyhow whats your story?"
"What do you mean?" I asked turning away from his face and looking down the hall.
"You know how you got your powers."

Quote :
I clenched my teeth and moved moved my jaw.
…I like to move it move it…

Quote :
"That bad cupcake?"
"Don't call me that"
"Fine there cakes."
What is with everyone in this story nicknaming each other after delicious sweets?

Quote :
You all know what it sounds like when a person punches another right?

Quote :
Well that was the sound you would've herad when i punched Wade in the mouth.
He stumbled back a bit from the impact and shock.
"What the hell is your problem! You PMSing or something!"

Quote :
I had already started running when the tears swelled in my eyes. I didn't want to punch him but he said the one word i hate. Cakes.
NO! How can you hate cakes? Why? What did cake ever do to you?!
The cakes is a lie

Quote :
My father called me that constantly. All the memories flooded back. I couldn't atke it. I went into the first room i found with a bed. I curled up in the middle of it and felt the cotton fabric against my skin. I hated crying it made me feel weak.
Victor: Wat the shit why is the Sue in my bed

Quote :
"Hey bub Wade give you the wrong room?"
Shit Jimmy. Well better than Victor i guess.
Damn. At least I wasn’t far off.

Quote :
He walked over from leaning in on the door frame and sat on the bed. He pulled me up so i would look at him.
"What Wade do to ya now kid?"
…Why is Logan being the father figure?

Quote :
"It really wansn't his fault he just said something that triggered my anger and i punched him. Then the memories came flooding back.
So I punched him again.

Quote :
I just want to forget everything."I sobbed into my knees that were wrapped to my chest.
He smirked slightly. "you can't run from the past kid. Trust me over three hundred years of memories in this head." He pointed to the side of his head.
"Ya i know,
How would you possibly know?
You don’t even know what happened to your damn family, cos you up and left before checking.

Quote :
guess i better go find Wade and see how mad he is." I said getting up from the bed and walked toward the door.
"Don't worry bout him too much one tracked mind that boy has."
“Honestly, he’s probably forgotten you even exist by now.”

Quote :
I smiled "Ya got that right thanks for listening and all um later."
"Later kid."
Now how do i find Wade i guess i could ask Jimmy.
i knocked on the door
…Why not just turn around and ask him again?

Quote :
"Were would Wade be?"
"The gym down the hall on the third right."
I got there in a minute flat and just like i was told he was in the gym beating the hell out of the punching bag.
"A Wade can we talk?" I asked but he ignored me. Jackass
Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa. Wade Wilson is ignoring you. Wade Wilson does not want to talk to you.
This Sue is fuuuuuucked uuuuup.

Quote :
i went up to him and taped his shoulder and what did he do? Punched me in the mouth. Guess pay back is a bitch.
'STAR! What the hell are you doing sneaking up on a guy like that for!"
"I came to apolagize but i guess i got your answer." I said smiling at him.
He sat down against the wall with me since i guess he was tired i don't really know.
This story makes so much sense.

Quote :
"Look Wade i'm sorry i punched you but i hate that word it brings back bad memories and i snapped."
“You can’t imagine how hard it is for me to go past a bakery.”

Quote :
He just stared at me. He didn't move just sat there like he was waiting for something.
I took in a deep breath and began. "i first found out about my mutation a few nights before my parents were murdered. I could heal faster than the average person. I was riding my dirt bike and crashed. I should have been dead since i hit a tree head fist, but my broken bones healed in the hour and all my cuts were gone just dried blood was left. Then i figured out i could take mutants powers when a gang of them tried attacking me, i stole the ones power of telepathy and anothers mind reading ability. to bad i couldn't use those powers to keep my parents alive. I was getting Christmas decorations of all things when two guys came and shot both of them in the head.'
That’s…a lot to happen in a couple of nights.
Two random guys just came in and shot your parents, and then for all we know never bothered to look for you?
…There’s no plot in this aside from bad shipping, is there?

I knew it.

Quote :
I stopped for a minute as tears were on the verge of falling. Wade put his hand on my shoulder and look so concerned which was shocking cause i've only seen him smirking or half angry."

Quote :
Iran like a coward
Hidden political statement or badly formed sentence? You be the judge.

Quote :
out the back door bare foot in the foot of snow, they chased me for three days nd buy then i learned my body hates the cold because when i touched something thats extremely cold it burns me. An the craziest thing is i can heal myself with the power of the moon." I stopped i couldn't continue. i just sat there crying like a baby and Wade at this point pulled me close to him into a hug. I gripped his sweaty t-shirt and sobbed.
Um…yeah. I’m pretty sure that at this point even Deadpool thinks you’re crazy, which means you have issues so severe it’s actually impossible to imagine them.

Quote :
"I wish I was one of ur tears, so I could be born in your eyes, run down your cheek, and die on your lips." Wade said looking off into the distance. I completley stopped crying and just stared at him.

Quote :
He looked down at me and continued his sweetness by saying "Don't frown- you never know who might be falling in love with your smile."
“Why…why are you suddenly becoming an inspirational poster generator?”

Quote :
I scooted up to be closer to his head and our faces were mere inches apart when "Team report to the confrence room in five."Came over the intercom.
"Well Styker always does know when to pick a moment huh there cup.."
Well, he might like to talk, but Wade fucking sucks at nicknames. And making out with girls. Which is weird. Because he’s Ryan Reynolds.

Quote :
I glared at him.
I smiled and shook my head. "Come on Wade we better get there before he gets his panties in a bundle and your my guide remember?'
"Hey you forgetting something?"
"What what i forget?"
I asked and started looking around the room.
"ME!"He yelled and jumped up and wrapped his arm around me.
No, she did not forget you, Wade, she just invited you along. Seriously, what is wrong with you…

Quote :
"you are such a goof."
"I know"
Was the last thing he said while we walked to find out our mission.

Or not. Oh well.

Quote :
Well theres chapter two hope you guys like it and i promise there will be action in the next chapter since their going on the mission. Till then reviews are more than welcomed and in fact are greatly appreciated. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:21 am

Okay, this snark actually just made my day.
Unfortunately (or not), I keep picturing Wade as actual Wade, instead of Ryan Reynolds. Which is actually considerably more amusing...

Disfigured, batshit Deadpool FTW!
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Epic-Level Pornomancer
Epic-Level Pornomancer

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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:49 am

Seriously, every time I read Deadpool's real name, I flash either on this guy:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Or this guy:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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Rabid Badger
And This is Why I Need Medication
And This is Why I Need Medication

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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:23 pm

Devouring_Time wrote:
Okay, this snark actually just made my day.
Unfortunately (or not), I keep picturing Wade as actual Wade, instead of Ryan Reynolds. Which is actually considerably more amusing...

Disfigured, batshit Deadpool FTW!

I agree. It's easier to take if you imagine him as Deadpool! Wade. Now if only he'd act like Deadpool! Wade and choke this twit, we could all go home happy!
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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:37 am

Everyone sensible knows that the lady on Deadpool's mind most is Bea Arthur. This Sue doesn't stand a chance. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:44 am

I knew that Wade was in for a lot of bad shipping with horrible Sues the moment I found out he was going to be played by gorgeous Ryan Reynolds.

It was a moment for me to rejoice (because I like him), but also a moment of oncoming dread... a fear proven real by this fic.

I like it how, at first, he calls her on her bullshit. But things, sadly, quickly start going down hill, culminating in that frightening 'I want to be your tears' stuff. If a guy actually said something like that to me, I'd feel inclined to go all Boston Reaper on his arse.

By now, the only likeable character in this abomination is Victor, a.k.a. Catman. Rolling Eyes

And she mimics people's powers? I'm not getting a Rogue vibe, here, so much as I'm getting a First Season Peter Petrelli one.

As far as Stues goes, at least he was cute.
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PostSubject: Re: Time Cakes   

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Time Cakes
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