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 Presenting the duck voiced talents of Lil' Markie

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Presenting the duck voiced talents of Lil' Markie Empty
PostSubject: Presenting the duck voiced talents of Lil' Markie   Presenting the duck voiced talents of Lil' Markie EmptyTue Mar 15, 2011 6:42 pm

Dose any of the Gaff folks recall listening to a song about a fetus who sounded like ducking from Tom and Jerry crying about his mom aborting him. For those who don't know what I'm talking about listen to yourself:

This song was written by a Christian singer named Mark Fox, who uses the mascot Named Lil' Markie who sings cautionary Christian tales in a duck voice. I hear he has a whole album of songs which you can find on this website: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

This man is ridiculous, his songs are so bizarre I was certain this was some parody made to mock the Christian music genre. Yet, this guy actually gos on tours of the churches to sing like Bobby from Bobby's World!

As you can see in the beginning of the video, he's not a bad singer, but then he starts singing in his Lil' Markie Voice, and it's like Wtf?LOL! Mark Fox if I can give you some advice, drop the duck voice and stick to good old fashion gospel music. Razz
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Presenting the duck voiced talents of Lil' Markie Empty
PostSubject: Re: Presenting the duck voiced talents of Lil' Markie   Presenting the duck voiced talents of Lil' Markie EmptyThu Jan 29, 2015 6:20 pm

Yeah, I know, I'm resurrecting threads, but hey, this board is just about dead anyway and I wanted to discuss how truly bizarre and awful "Diary of an Unborn Child" is.

I know, criticizing that song, it's like shutting fish in a barrel with a rocket launcher but damn, is it satisfying! I heard this song many many years ago and let me tell you, once you've stumbled onto this song, you will never forget it.  Its mixture of unbelievably creepy while at the same time, unintentionally hilarious, stays with you. It pops into your head at the weirdest moments and for some reason, I'd been thinking about it lately, wondering if this board had a discussion about it. I figured if it didn't, then I would take it upon myself to fill that void.

Seriously, not a jury in the world would convict the unnamed mother in this song for killing her demonic all-knowing spawn of Satan. Can't help but wonder given that said unborn baby is aware of things beyond its comprehension, how was it completely unaware that Mommy was contemplating an abortion? Though maybe Mommy tricked him, by discussing the matter in writing and not saying a word out loud, out of fear that the Demon Embryo would try to stop her.

But then again, shitty art and anti-abortion messages seem to go hand in hand. In fact, about the only poem I can think of that's about abortion and doesn't suck is Gwendolyn Brooks's the mother. But that's because Brooks is a talented writer and focuses :gasp: :choke: on the mother who makes the decision, rather than the embryo that's flushed out.

Anyway, here's the video. Have fun tearing some shitty art a new one.

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Presenting the duck voiced talents of Lil' Markie
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