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 Could use some advice

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PostSubject: Could use some advice   Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:40 am

I'm thinking of writing a Dragon Age fic with a character of mine that has a stammer. It was brought to my attention that the way her speech was originally written was annoying and offensive (too many stammered words) and changed it to being much less. Now I know with ficwriting you can garner a lot more criticism or feedback and I really don't want to offend anyone because I was too overkill.

My character's speech impediment is part of her character, it's not there to be a device for people to pity her or to act like it's a horrid curse. It does make her a bit shy and her love of music stemmed from having an easier time singing or playing then speaking in front of a crowd.

Still I'd like some pointers to see how I can round it out or what not to do when bringing it up. Having a brief mention of how it's affected her life seems prudent along with her trouble speaking but I don't want to both downplay it or go over-bard and without cutting it out all together.

Any tips?
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PostSubject: Re: Could use some advice   Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:45 am

Try stammering only certain things - say perhaps limiting yourselves to words that begin with a certain letter or sound. Or maybe just stammering a select few (but common) words.

Or have it so that they only stammer the first word in a sentance. Or perhaps when they're in a certain mood - nervous or angry.

Sometimes people unthinkingly finish a stammering person's words for them.

I used to know a girl with a stammer. I didn't even notice it - and because I barely noticed it, she barely stammered in front of me.

Speech impediments often have some sort of pattern to them, just like lots of people speak in a pattern and then it transfers to their writing style, but it always depends on the individual.
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Could use some advice
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