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 Anna Kournikova at Marineland

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PostSubject: Anna Kournikova at Marineland   Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:25 am

Yet another repost from GAFF. This is a story about Anna Kournikova getting gangrape by dolphins. Our story off with Anna doing some model shoots in Marineland and after she's done, she goes into her trailer and takes the time to admire her naked self.

Quote :
Anna made her way to her dressing trailer and proceeded to strip down for the change. She stood naked in front of her full-length mirror admiring her firm, well-toned body. She ran her hands over her naked breast, squeezing them and caught her breath.

"Mmmmmmh!" she moaned loudly. "That feels good. But I wish I had a cock to play with."

Just at that moment, the photographer was walking just outside her changing room.

'Mmmmmmh!' he thought, recognizing the sound for what it was. 'This could have possibilities.'

He quickly walked off in search of his friend Rick that had permitted them to shoot in the water park in the first place. He had a plan and he felt certain that Rick would want to get on board with it.

After this, Anna comes out to find the place deserted.

Quote :
"Where is everybody?" she called out. "Did you cancel the rest of the shoot?"

"No, I didn't call it off, Anna," the photographer said, walking up behind her, startling her. "I just thought you'd prefer these shots with as few people around as possible."

"OH!" she squealed in surprise. "You scared me, Bill. That was very thoughtful of you," she said with a relaxed smile now. "So, it will be just you and me for the final shots?"

"No, I had to keep one guy on to fix your suits," Bill told her. "But you don't have to worry about Richard here, he's gay."

Yeah, he's really not.

Quote :
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Richard," she said, putting out her hand for a shake.

"It's a pleasure to meet you also, Miss Kournikova," Rick said. "I've seen you play. I'm just sorry that you haven't gotten everything that you deserve yet. But I'm sure you're time will come soon enough."

The two men had to fight the urge to burst out laughing at the double entendre that Rick had insinuated.

Har Har Har.

Quote :
"Ummmh! Miss... Anna," Rick called out. "I have to... um... fix your suit a bit."

"Uh? Where?" Anna said, trying to see what was wrong.

Rick moved up and tugged the strap of her top, slipping his finger under the thin material and rearranged it over her firm breast, 'accidentally' stroking her nipples.

"There, that is better," he said with a smile. "Now turn around for me."

"It is a good thing that Bill said you were gay Richard," Anna smiled at him. "Otherwise, I would have thought that you were a pervert of some kind."

"Oh really my dear," he feigned a gay accent.

So, before they start the "photoshoot", Richard starts masturbating Anna.

Quote :
Rick moved up and slipped his finger under the small covering of her thong bottom and ran it up and down repeatedly, making sure that the back of his finger was rubbing over her pussylips and clit. He watched as Anna's knees shook nervously at his touch.

Looking up at her face, he saw that the tennis star was staring blankly upwards, her lips parted slightly in the arousal he was instilling on her.

"Sorry this is taking so long," he claimed. "But these are always so hard to adjust properly."

"Mmm, mmm," Anna simply replied, biting on her lower lip.

He resumed his masturbation, by subterfuge, of her pussy as he kept watching for her reaction. He could already see her nipples stiffening under their small coverings, and could feel her pussy moistening against his stroking finger.

Anna's breathing was getting a bit labored as she could feel her body getting more and more aroused by the 'gay assistant's' manipulations. Her face was blushing with each passing moment as she could feel herself approaching an orgasm. She could feel her knees weakening as her climax quickly approached.

After he gets her all aroused up, the real fun starts.

Quote :
"You sure this is gonna work Rick?" Bill asked his friend.

"There's a good chance of it,' he told him. "I personally selected only the males of the pod. And they've all been acting rather randy these past few days. If this is possible, and there's no guarantee on this, then it will be with this bunch."

Hey, Dolphins do tend to rape when they are super aroused.

Quote :
"Eeeeeeek!" she squealed as a large dolphin head surfaced next to hers, its size easily three times the size of her own head. "My god, you scared me. My, you are a big boy, aren't you."

"How you doing?"

Quote :
"That's his cock poking out," Rick told him.

"Man, that's so weird looking," Bill commented as the pale pointed tip of a dolphin cock made its appearance. "You think they can smell her arousal?"

"Maybe," Rick said. "I've never quite understood what arouses a dolphin. But I figured if I got her wet before diving in, they might sense her sexuality too."

Then they noticed two more swimming dolphins circling her were also getting hard-ons. Their cocks stood out at right angle to their bodies. Each measuring about eight inches in length and about two inches in width, finishing in the pointed tip which made them look like spears.

Believe it or not, Dolphin really do have big dicks.

Quote :
From below, the two men could clearly see her nipples stiffening with each passing moment as the dolphins got bolder with her. The one at her pussy began nibbling at her stiff clit, causing Anna to bend her knees in the water. He seemed to be trying to tear away the last piece of vestige that still clothed her.

Dolphins want what they want and get what they get.

Quote :
As each porpoise made a run for Anna's vulnerable pussy, they would miss, not being able to find the hole where their instinct told them it should have been. And with each pass, Anna was partly lifted, her naked buttock breaking the surface.

Anna was too panicked to stop and wonder about the strange protrusion that was attached to their sleek bodies as they rubbed up against her. All she could concentrate on was reaching the safety of the platform.

After each dolphin had made his own futile attempt to copulate with her, one of them came up from below. He grabbed hold of her thong bottom, pulling Anna under until the fragile fabric was torn off her.

Anna regained the surface in a panic. The dolphin had just tried to drown her she thought, which increased her adrenaline to reach the platform even faster.

Quote :
Anna was within a few feet from the edge of the platform and she got herself up in a horizontal position to climb out of the pool as fast as possible. Suddenly, a large porpoise head popped up in front of her, blocking her way. Its loud shrieking, clicking and whistling scaring the young woman.

She was about to slap him away when he just kept raising himself above the surface. Anna suddenly felt something slithering past her pussy lips and lifting her along with the sea mammal.

"AAAIIIIEEE!" Anna screamed in fear and pain.

From the viewing room below the surface, Rick caught the scene of the dolphin's cock finding her pussy and inserting itself in the young woman. From above, Bill was seeing a scene that he never could have anticipated.

Anna Kournikova was being lifted out of the water, impaled on the dolphin's cock.

After this, we get more Dolphin rape.

Quote :
"OOOOH! MY GODDDD!" Anna yelled out in shock as her body was suddenly flung in the air along with the two powerful animals. "AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!"

Each had managed to imbed their cocks in her pussy and asshole simultaneously, lifting her out of the water along with them. Anna Kournikova was getting a double penetration for the first time in her young life, from dolphins of all things.

So after this gangrape is over, Anna swims over the Bill.

Quote :
"You were real nice to the dolphins there Anna," Bill said, a grin on his face. "You should be so nice to me and Rick... sorry. Richard."

"Go fuck yourself!" she spat out weakly.

Rick turned up just then, his cock bouncing out of his open pants.


Quote :
"No, I think we'd rather fuck you," Bill told her.

And they do.

Quote :
They expertly guided her pussylips over his flagpole

Now we're getting random objects into the mix.

Quote :
With another mighty lunge forward, another few inches of his eight-inch cock found its way into her still clenching ass.

Rick felt the presence of Bill's cock through Anna's thin membrane that separated her two orifices.

Is this possible?

Quote :
Just then, the fifth and final dolphin came sliding up on the platform as he was trained to do during performances. His sudden appearance next to the three humans froze them in place momentarily. That is until Rick noticed that this dolphin was on its side and still had a raging hard-on.

I think you all know where this is going.

Quote :
"Suck it Anna," he whispered in her ear. "Suck him because you want another cock, if nothing else."

Not daring to resist the two depraved men, Anna reluctantly parted her lips and kissed the tip of the sea mammal's penis.

Yep. So, to make a long story short, Anna gets gangraped by Bill, Rick, and the Dolphin. Bill and Rick take Anna's exhausted form to her trailer and leave her note saying that if she tells anyone, they will show everyone that footage of her having sex with Dolphins. A few weeks later, Anna gets a package from Bill that contains the video of her getting raped by Dolphins and a Dolphin's penis shaped dildo. Then we end with this scene:

Quote :
Just then, her telephone rang, startling her from her pleasure.

"Y... yes?" She answered.

"Anna, this is Susan," the voice said. "Your agent. Bill just called and said he had another photo job for you. Something about Zeigfried and Roy's white tigers. Are you interested?"

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PostSubject: Re: Anna Kournikova at Marineland   Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:32 pm

Quote :
Bill just called and said he had another photo job for you. Something about Zeigfried and Roy's white tigers. Are you interested?
Oh god no Shocked
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And This is Why I Need Medication
And This is Why I Need Medication

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PostSubject: Re: Anna Kournikova at Marineland   Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:39 pm

What renders this all the more horrific is that I read somewhere that male dolphins are VERY sexually aggressive, and have been known to gang up on a lone female and literally rape her to death (i.e., damage her so badly she can't surface to breath).

That said, beastiality makes me want to The fact that someone got off on reading this makes me want to even more

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PostSubject: Re: Anna Kournikova at Marineland   

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Anna Kournikova at Marineland
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