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 Cameron's Avatar, the last mindbender...

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PostSubject: Re: Cameron's Avatar, the last mindbender...   Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:45 am

WD40 wrote:

henusik wrote:
Get a life all of you. If you've got nothing better to do than bash other people's fanfictions, I really feel sorry for you. Don't like, don't read!

Quote :
I've read a lot of fanfictions that were pure crap, but that doesn't give me any reason to publicly mock the author OR his/her story.

If you are going to post your fic in pubic, then you'd better be prepared for this... And why do I need a specific right to poke fun at something that is bad or stupid, or both? And if I do need a right, where can I get one... I mean, I'm a Film student, and I'd hate to suddenly find out that all those reviews I've been writing are illigal, bacause I don't have the proper licence...

Quote :
Some people like it anyways,

So what I've got to say really doesn't matter does it?

Quote :
or at least have enough imagination not to care about certain facts (e.g. why they had just one jail-cell: how the hell does it matter in the story?)

It matters because it makes no sense... Making sense shows effort and care in the creation of a story, rather than a half-harted & Half-arsed 'I wanna make it this way, so there'.

Quote :
A fanfiction is written by FANS, which doesn't always mean professional writers.

No one said it was... Nor did anyone say that professional writers don't also produce pieces of crap... What does matter is that people put effort into their stories to mae them as good as possiable. There is precious little evedence of this in the two fics I've been poking fun at. All there is evedence of is a chronic misunderstanding of both english, literature and the source material. And surely, respect and knowedge of the source material is important for fans?

Quote :
Also, not everyone was born British. I takes a hell of a time to learn English and I'd love to see you doing so and end up speaking fluently and without any mistakes.

You'll notice that I did make a note of that...

At uni, I work alongside three French immigrants, two Poles, a Romanian, two Pakistanis and even a Canadian (:p). All of whom take extreme care and attention to their work to ensure it is up to standard. Infact, because of this, their work tends to outshine some of the native Brit students. It is a show of effort and care.

Quote :
I'd love to read a fanfiction written by you, since you have enough talent to criticize others.

I can't make shoes, but I know a good pair when I wear them.

Why does the ability to create an artifact need to be a prerequsite for the critisism of that artifact? This arguement makes no sense...

Would you not listen to Roger Ebert's or Johnathon Ross's film reviews because they themselves have never made a film?

Quote :
And yes, I obviously DID log in to the wrong website.

So long as you know... I do hope you come back though, calm down, have a cup of tea and slowly, carefully and with an open mind, read these answers. Then just chill out.



Di-did you just snark a comment? Your level of awesome has increased by 1000.
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PostSubject: Re: Cameron's Avatar, the last mindbender...   Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:54 am

Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that the mary sue's name is therefore "nelly sully"?

Also, I HATE "don't like, don't read." Some people actually post this in their titles, and it saves me the time from even clicking. If you're on the defensive before the story has even started, something is going horribly wrong. And how will anyone's writing improve if we just let shit be shit? There have to be some standards!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Cameron's Avatar, the last mindbender...   Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:26 pm

I find "DUNT LEIK DUNT REED!" quite helpful, actually. It alerts me to the presence of Fanbrattus Totalis and Historiae Sterculae (pleeze to forgive cod-Latin).

All joking aside, if I see in the summary that the story contains slash or mpreg, or is based on anime, manga or video games, I know I won't like it (i.e. it will drive me into a frothing rage that makes Basil Fawlty's attack on his broken-down car look eminently rational). I DUNT LEIK therefore I DUNT REED. I come here instead and look for a decent snark.
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PostSubject: Re: Cameron's Avatar, the last mindbender...   

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Cameron's Avatar, the last mindbender...
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